Lucrative Business Ideas To Start In Nigeria Or Africa With Small Capital

Starting and running a successful business in Nigeria or Africa with little capital is difficult but not impossible.

Thousands of people start multiple businesses every day, with less than 10% of them eventually becoming successful. Whereas millions more never start up anything because of either the perceived high startup costs or the prospective fear of failure.

With a wide plethora of business opportunities in Nigeria that you can start with little capital ranging from running a successful digital marketing business to real estate brokerage, commodity brokerage, professional car wash service, and much more, here are 15+ lucrative business ideas you can start in Nigeria or Africa with small capital:

1) Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service

The dry cleaning service is perhaps one of the easiest businesses to start-up in Nigeria or Africa with small capital. All you need is a little store in a busy neighbourhood and to hire expert laundrymen or women who can both wash and iron clothing in a professional way.
If you can’t afford to hire multiple people at the beginning, you can first hire an assistant to co-help you in handling the washing and cloth ironing and could also offer free home delivery for clients that live within the neighbourhood.

2) Commodity Brokerage

The commodity brokerage business is one of the easiest businesses to start with small capital or practically $0. This is because you’re only essentially finding sellers of commodities, buyers of the commodities, and earning a commission on successful transactions.

If you close a 1,000 metric ton sesame seeds transaction for instance with a commission of $10 per metric tonne, you’d be earning around $10,000 for the transaction.

By venturing into the commodity brokerage business, you can start with little capital and build up your income quicker than others, although closing a deal will be many times more difficult than other businesses.

3) Professional Car Wash

Professional car wash businesses are very common in Nigeria and many parts of the world. In Nigeria especially, it’s a small scale business that largely thrives in busy neighbourhoods where there are little to no car washes within the vicinity, especially since its a business that can be started with small capital.

You can identify a busy environment with little to no car washes and start-up one or you could even find an environment that is averagely busy but close to a mechanic village where cars a fixed, repainted, and more, so you can have a consistent influx of clients both from the community and the mechanic village.

As a business you can start with little capital, the professional car wash service business is one new entrepreneurs can venture into.

4) Skin Care / Cosmetic Store

The skincare industry is growing very fast, and as a result, people, mostly ladies, are spending far more money on skincare products than ever before.

You could start up a skincare or cosmetic store with small capital by first registering with several popular largely preferred skincare brands by consumers, and stocking your store in busy neighbourhoods where there is lesser competition.

By doing this, consumers will know your store is a retailer of some of their preferred skincare products and would frequent it around that area to purchase from you. Also, the brands might also list your store as a distribution point to their consumers.

You can venture into the skincare or cosmetic business with little capital and take advantage of the growing market.

5) Digital Marketing

With the growing popularity of the internet as a place to accelerate sales, acquire more customers, and quickly grow your brand image, companies are rapidly shifting towards building a digital marketing team, and as such, many are hiring the services of digital marketing experts.

With a strong knowledge of Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, and much more, you can position yourself as a valuable digital marketing expert organisations could use to grow their online presence, and better still, you can start this business with small capital.

6) Grocery / Supermarket

Most neighbourhoods always have at least one small supermarket, but not all have well-stocked supermarkets. Another challenge is with the electricity issues in Nigeria, small neighbourhood supermarkets rarely have cold drinks, and because of this, consumers would rather be buying from a small kiosk owned by a very small merchant as long as the merchants sell cold drinks also.

You could purchase a solar-powered freezer/fridge and start a supermarket in your vicinity. As long as pedestrians know you always have cold drinks and water, they’d frequent you a lot, and you could do this with small capital.

7) Barbershop

The barbershop is usually where people in certain neighbourhoods hangout sometimes to talk, watch soccer, and most importantly, have haircuts.

If you’re a well-trained barber or can hire a well trained skilled barber(s) whom only pays you a certain amount every week, you can set up a barbershop that has a TV for people to watch live soccer games, a Playstation for others to while away time, music for people who are in a certain mood, and a serene environment for people to want to come to and talk.

When you do this, you’d have a lot of them cutting their hairs in the process while you to grow a thriving business you can start with small capital.

8) Bread Bakery

People love to eat freshly baked products. But most importantly, people prefer to eat freshly baked bread. By starting a bread bakery with small capital, you can have a business that starts to sell its commodity from the very first day as the smell and hotness of the freshly baked bread would draw in pedestrians and motorists looking to have it in its best state.

9) Fruit Juice Production

Natural fruit juice is a high preference for people who work out at gyms, those who prefer healthy meals, and even school students who like to drink and eat anything sweet.

By setting up a natural fruit juice business in the key locations where people workout, eat, and school, you can grow a thriving business with small capital.

10) Creche

Busy working-class new mothers rarely ever have the time to take care of their newborns during the day because they need to go to work in the mornings and return much later in the evening.

You can take advantage of this opportunity by setting up a creche in your vicinity and letting every parent in the neighbourhood know that your business is available to care for their young while they’re busy at work.

To do this, all you need is a clean and beautiful apartment in the neighbourhood which you already reside, an existing great relationship with some parents in the neighbourhood, a great reputation, and a good way to advertise within the vicinity.

11) Plantain Chips Production

The plantain chips production business in Nigeria largely thrives because of the huge traffic situation in the country, especially Lagos. As a result, too many people in traffic decide to get their mouths busy by buying junks sold by street hawkers, with the most common type after beef rolls, being plantain chips.

You could find a neighbourhood where market women produce plantain chips in bulk, start purchasing from them, repackaging, and redistributing for sale through road traffic, supermarkets, schools, and much more.

The best part is you can start the plantain chips production business with little capital as you don’t exactly have to produce the plantains yourself.

12) Rice Mill

Rice cultivation in Nigeria is at an all-time high, but the rice processing is still low because of the large dependence on rice importation. With the Nigerian government largely clamouring for increased rice processing activities in Nigeria over importation, the prices of rice milling machines and boilers have dropped, giving the entrepreneur with small capital an easy route to venture into the business.

With little capital, you can buy a small rice milling machine and boiler and start processing unmilled rice for sale directly to either end customers or traders in the markets.

13) Social Media Management

Many people have become huge influencers via social media, and in the process, earn millions of Naira and Dollars from just promoting other brands on their pages. Others have also earned millions from instead helping brands and small businesses to manage their social media accounts.

If you study and gain a great understanding of how social media works, you too could build up a consistent income stream by advertising and helping multiple small businesses manage their social media accounts.

As you build up a reliable track record, your clientele will grow.

14) Professional Writing

If you’re a well-seasoned writer, professional writing is a lucrative business to venture into because of its vast opportunities and the fact you can start with small capital.

With great opportunities in writing business plans, feasibility reports, business proposals, web content, speeches, and much more, you could earn a sustainable monthly income, which could be considerably high depending on the type of clients you’re targeting, all from your home.

15) Real Estate Brokerage

Real estate brokerage is a great business to venture into as it involves you finding homeowners, finding home buyers, brokering the transactions, and earning a commission on every successful sale.

The best part is you can start with small capital which would mostly be used to register with the parent real estate company, for transportation, online marketing, and a few in-betweens.

16) Fashion Design

Africans have a huge interest in fashion, and so, a lot of them always take their African native materials to various fashion designers (tailors) to sew one or more great designs for them.

If you’re a skilled tailor, you could help people manage their wardrobes by consistently sewing clothing that would make them stand out wherever they go, and you can start this with small capital.

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MOUAU Part-time Admission List For 2019/2020 Session

MOUAU Part-time degree admission List for 2019/2020 has been released.
All candidates who applied for the Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture, Continuing Education Centre (CEC), Undergraduate (B.Sc.) Part-Time programmes or the 2019/2020 academic session can now check their admission status.

How to Check MOUAU CEC Part-Time Admission List

  1. Visit MOUAU admission status checking portal  (for 100level applicants) or (for direct entry applicants).
  2. Provide your CAN/Form Number in the required column.
  3. Click on the search button to access your admission status.

Registration Procedure

  1. Accept the Admission letter and PRINT IT OUT.
  2. Proceed to the next page to PRINT OUT you pledge form.
  3. Proceed to the next page to pay acceptance fees on REMITA

How to pay on Remita:

  1. Student’s details shows up on the Acceptance fees platform. There is a tab labelled ‘Pay/paid via’, student should click on the drop down menu and choose pay using Remita Payment Gateway and then execute the Submit button.
  2. Remita link is now displayed. Student should click on the “Make Payment” button. The Remita payment secured platform shows up. Student details are displayed. Student can select either “Internet Banking”, “Master Card” or “Visa”.
    • If student is paying with internet banking, student should select Internet Banking Option and his/her bank and click on Submit button. A payment invoice is generated, which contains the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR). At the bottom right of the payment invoice, student clicks on the “proceed to Internet Bank” option, signs in with his/her existing bank details and proceed to make payment.
      A payment receipt is sent to registered email address.
    • If student is paying at local bank branch, student should equally select Internet Banking Option and select ANY Bank, click on Submit button. A payment invoice is generated, which contains the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR). At the bottom right of the payment invoice, student clicks on the “Print Invoice” option, prints this invoice page and proceeds to any bank for payment, after which a payment receipt is issued to the student at the bank.
    • If student is paying via ATM card, (Master or VISA cards ONLY) the student should click appropriate card type, and enter card details. A payment receipt is sent to registered email address.
  3. Once acceptance fees is paid and validated on the Portal, you will now proceed to the University Portal in Anyim Pius Auditorium to do WAEC Verification.


  1. With the WAEC Verification form, go to CEC Administration to present documents for clearance. Once this is done, the student is issued with an “Authority to pay” form.
  2. Student is to proceed back to the PORTAL OFFICE for an online clearance with the “Authority to pay” form.
  3. Student goes back to the Portal to do an online


  1. Student now proceeds to pay School fees online via Remita Gateway. Payment procedure is same as Acceptance.


  1. Once school fees is paid and validated on the Portal, student now proceeds to enter ACES PIN details and goes on to fill a Biodata form which now auto generates a Matriculation Number for the student and subsequently register for his/her 100L (or 200 & 300L for DE Students) courses.
  2. Once Biodata, is done, student proceeds to the Department to collect the original copy of school fees receipt. With this receipt, student proceeds to the ID card Unit to capture and hence collect the School ID card.

NOTE: Student will be required to create a username and password whilst filling the Biodata Form. Please keep these details safe and secure as you will always use them to access your personalized section of the portal.

WARNING: Kindly note that failure to complete registration as and when due, WILL cause a delay when registering for the next Session. So we implore that you complete your registration in due time

Deloitte Recent Available Employment Vacancy

Deloitte is the largest private professional services network in the world. Everyday, approximately 286,200 professionals in more than 150 countries demonstrate their commitment to making an impact that matters. Our West Africa practice serves multinationals, large national enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises and the public sector across Nigeria and Ghana.

In Nigeria, Deloitte is one of the leading professional services firms, specializing in providing Audit, Tax, Consulting, Risk Advisory and Financial Advisory services. We serve clients in a variety of industries from financial services, consumer, telecommunications, media & technology, energy resources & Industrial and government and public services. Applications are invited for:

Title: 2020 Graduate Recruitment – Audit & Assurance
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Job Type: Full-time

About Audit & Assurance

  • Auditing is a highly complex process, and the importance of auditors as a vital link in the financial reporting chain has never been more important nor their role as trusted advisors more valued.
  • Our global network of audit professionals provide a range of audit and advisory services to assist clients in achieving their business objectives, managing their risk and improving their business performance – anywhere in the world.
  • Using our state-of the-art tools enables Deloitte audit professionals to deliver the assurance service quality and excellence that is implicit in the Deloitte brand and that regulators and public expect.


  • Audit of financial statements that have been prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), NGAAP and other valid standards
  • Review of accounting and internal control systems
  • Consulting on accounting principles, the chart of accounts and organization of finance and accounting departments
  • Comprehensive advice on implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards, including interpretation and application of complex standards
  • Assistance with the establishment of reporting departments
  • Advisory services for the calculation of employee benefits, impairment of assets, provisions for asset retirement obligations and other long-term provisions
  • Assistance with business valuations, valuation of assets and liabilities and determination of goodwill in accordance with IFRS


  • Be willing to live our purpose of making an impact that matters
  • Have graduated from a recognized University/ Polytechnic with a minimum of a 2.1 or its equivalent in any discipline
  • Have minimum of a credit in five (5) O ’levels subjects including Mathematics and English in one sitting only
  • Be 26 years old or younger as at date of application
  • Have completed the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme
  • Not have written the Deloitte aptitude test before

Additional Information
What Impact Will You Make?

  • Every day, your work will make an impact that matters, while you thrive in a dynamic culture of inclusion, collaboration, and high performance.
  • As the undisputed leader in professional services, Deloitte is where you will find unrivalled opportunities to succeed and realize your full potential.

How You Will Grow:

  • At Deloitte, our professional development plan focuses on helping people at every level of their career to identify and use their strengths to do their best work every day. From entry-level employees to senior leaders, we believe there is always room to learn.
  • We offer opportunities to help build world-class skills in addition to hands-on experience in the global, fast-changing business world. From on-the-job learning experiences to formal development programs at Deloitte University, our professionals have a variety of opportunities to continue to grow throughout their career. Explore Deloitte University Leadership Centre.


  • At Deloitte, we know that great people make a great organization. We value our people and offer employees a broad range of benefits.

To Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online

Application Deadline: 13th February, 2020.

Note: Applicants should only apply for one role as multiple applications will be disqualified.


What are your thoughts on this? kindly let your opinion known in the comment section below.
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How To Start A Lucrative Shea Butter Production Business In Nigeria

Every nation striving for economic growth and development must identify areas of its economic strength over its weaknesses, and seek to develop it by creating an enabling environment for further investment in those areas.
Nigeria has a strong comparative advantage in the cultivation, processing, and export of Shea butter in Africa, as She remains the largest producer of shea butter due to a large amount of arable land available for production and the conducive climatic conditions.

Presently Nigeria is the leading producer of Shea nuts, the nuts used in producing Shea butter, and is responsible for around 57% of the global production rate.

With a wide abundance of Shea nuts in Nigeria, the presence of skilled processing personnel in communities, and the vast global opportunities that Shea Butter production and export poses, this makes investing in shea butter production and export a profitable venture for any new and existing entrepreneur.

What Is Shea Butter?

Shea butter is a slightly yellow fatty extract from the seed of the African Shea tree. Shea butter is gotten when the nut of this tree is crushed and boiled. The tree is also called “The Karite tree”, which means ‘the tree of life’. It gets its name due to the numerous healing characteristics it possesses.

How Is Shea Butter Produced?

Shea butter is produced from shea nuts which are gotten from the shea tree. This tree produces its first fruit when it’s about 20 years old, and reaches its full production at about 45 years old.

The Shea tree can produce fruits for up to 200 years before reaching maturity, and the Shea fruit is edible and has a sweet taste.

After eating the Shea fruit, a shea nut in a shell is obtained.

Here’s how to produce Shea Butter In Nigeria:

Step One:

The first step in Shea butter production is to gather the nuts

Step Two:

After gathering the nuts, the next stage is to crack the nuts open, then wash the nuts thoroughly and leave them to dry in other to reduce the moisture content.

Step Three:

After drying the Shea nuts, you then pound, roast, and turn then into a dark chocolate paste, before then adding water to the paste and mixing properly.

Step Four:

The next step is the heat the paste in high temperatures so that the fat can rise to the top and the oil settles under.

Step Five:

The last step in shea butter production in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world is to separate the fat from the oil. Afterwhich the oil is left to solidify to form the shea butter.

While the process of Shea Butter production in Nigeria is done manually in local village communities, the entire process can also be done mechanically by feeding the shea nuts into a machine that removes the fats. The fat is then collected and stored in containers to cake. The cakes are now collected in bags for sale or further preparation for exportation.

A Shea Butter production machine can produce as much as 10 tons per day running an average of 18 hours daily. And depending on the machine specification, it could produce more.

Facts About Shea Butter Production

  • Nigeria is the leading exporter of Shea nuts and Shea butter in the world.
  • Nigeria has a comparative advantage in the processing and export of Shea butter in Africa over her counterparts due to the large land available for production
  • Nigeria currently produces over 500,000 tons of shea nuts annually.
  • Nigeria accounts for almost 60 per cent of the world’s supply of Shea nuts and Shea butter
  • Nigeria generates about $3.8 billion every year from shea butter exportation
  • The Shea butter industry in Nigeria is dominated by small scale production capacity of fewer than 0.1 tons per day.
  • The Chinese are the largest importers of Shea butter from Nigeria

Business Opportunities In Shea Butter Production

1). Production Facility:

By owning a Shea butter production facility, you can charge a fee to people to process their shea butter at your factory. When this is done, you’d be serving a very large market and have consistent revenues.

2). Cosmetic Market:

This accounts for the majority of the demand for shea butter both locally and internationally, as it is mainly used as a moisturizer for both hair and skin, therefore making the shea butter market a very lucrative one.

3). Multiple Uses: 

The demand for shea butter internationally keeps rising, as more of its uses have been discovered. China is the highest importer of shea butter importing over 70,000 metric tons annually.

Challenges Of The Shea Butter Production In Nigeria

  • It is a seasonal business as the nuts are only gathered during a season once a year. So production cannot happen all year round.
  • Lack of highly efficient storage facilities for the unprocessed nuts
  • Lack of capital for large scale production
  • Indiscriminate cutting of Shea trees
  • Lack of easy access to the international market by most producers
  • Instability of the international market price of Shea butter
  • Lack of technical input for large scale Shea butter production
  • Lack of adequate government assistance
  • Lack of knowledge on how to produce high-quality Shea butter
  • Lack of funds to import international standard shea butter production machinery
  • The profit margins on Shea butter is anywhere from 20% to over 100% because total production brings the cost price to between $900 to $1,200 per metric tonne, and it’s sold internationally for between $1,800 to up to $8,500 per metric tonne depending on the quality and where it is going to.


Shea butter production in Nigeria is a very lucrative business as the global demand keeps increasing. Depending on your production costs and where you’re selling to, the profit margins could be anywhere from 20% to over 100%, making it one of the largest and most profitable agro-business in Nigeria with and a very lucrative venture to for new and existing entrepreneurs to start.

What Hurts Women The Most

There are many things that hurt women, but we are going to discuss on what hurts women the most. Pay attention and understand.

Most things that hurts a woman?

1) Divided attention.

A woman hates it when you are unable to give them your undivided attention. When you care much about your friends or other things instead of them. It hurts a woman to see that you don’t sacrifice some little time on them, but you can sacrifice it on other things.

Divided attention is very bad and it hurts women. Especially when there is some things you give attention to, more than them.

For instance, your woman may call you to spend some time with them, at the same time, your friends may equally call you for same reason, but instead of you to answer your woman, you go ahead in answering your friends’ call, denying her your maximum attention and giving to another people. bit really hurts them the most.

2) Ineffective communication.

Women hate it when you fail to communicate with them effectively.

What do I mean? Oh I mean that, as a man, you should make sure that your communication level are stable, but when you fails to call your woman often, to check on her even if it’s for a minute or seconds. The fact that you called her will always makes her happy, you will see that she will even use her last call to buy airtime on calling you.

But when you don’t border on calling her, checking up on her, giving her your maximum communication. Advices and others things, you will see that there will be a time when she will starts arguing with you that you don’t care about her.

It hurts a woman to see that her man doesn’t care to call or to check up on her, especially if that woman noticed that your phone is on. And that you have airtime.

3) Flirting with other women.

It hurts a woman to see their men flirting with another woman, even without having any relationship with that other woman.

It hurts very well to see it, so that is why there is always misunderstanding in some relationships. You may think that it’s nothing and since you have nothing in common with her, that you can flirt with her. But for a woman that sees it, it will hurt her badly, sometimes they may pretend to overlook it but it will always ring in her heart.

She may hide the feeling, but one-day, she will indirectly tell you that and you may be surprised.

You can flirt with them but you cannot flirt with another woman, especially in her presence.

4) Not being proud of her.

It hurts women to know that you are hiding them from your friends and family. It hurts them to notice that you are not proud of them in the public. You only appreciate them inside your room but disrespect them outside your home. It hurts a woman to notice that you kept on avoiding her especially when someone is with you.

For instance, your woman may come to you, or may ask to come, but due to your friends are there or your family, you may prevent her to come, you may be acting as if she is the one chasing you or forcing you to love her. But when you are home alone with her, you will promise her heaven on Earth. Even promise to marry her, yet you can’t introduce her to your friends at least, then talk more of family.

5) Stinginess

It hurts women to notice that her man is stingy, only when it comes to the things of her betterment.

But in the things that concern him, he will not be stingy any more. Not that a man should give everything out but at least to take care of his woman.

6) Lies.

It hurts a woman to know that her man is always lying. It hurts them when a man lies about their real identity just to win them over.

For instance. If a man lies to a woman that he has whatever money can buy and later marries the woman, you will see that once the woman finds out, eventually it will hurt her and that lie can even lead to separation.

All these are the things that can hurt a woman most.

What are your thoughts on this? kindly let your opinion known in the comment section below.
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Thomas Abraham Understudy Design Fellowship

Here is your chance to immerse yourself in India’s beautiful culture as well as study under one of India’s leading design personalities. All your expenses will be covered under the _Thomas Abraham Understudy Design Fellowship._This fellowship is open to students and apprentices from Europe, North America and Australia looking for exposure to one of the world’s leading design industries (in both fashion and interiors).


This fellowship is open to students and apprentices from Europe, North America and Australia looking for exposure to one of the world’s leading design industries (in both fashion and interiors). (There are other similar programs for students from Asia, Africa, and South America). Design students currently in their final or pre-final year can apply. Fresh graduates who have just finished their design course may also apply.


Study under one of India’s leading design personalities.

Airfare (round-trip air ticket to/from Bangalore, India)

Tuition and full coverage of health insurance

A stipend of 2,00,000 (pro-rata for the period of the fellowship) – that will ordinarily cover lodging and boarding expenses in Bangalore, India.

A free educational trip to Hampi and the Taj Mahal (two among UNESCO’s World Heritage sites).


Applicants can apply for Thomas Abraham Understudy Design Fellowship on the website, by filling the form and uploading the documents mentioned below.

The documents must include a brief statement describing how an affiliation with the fellowship would benefit them; a two page resume; a dissertation abstract; a table of contents; one letter of recommendation written by the dissertation advisor or faculty member.

Apply Now

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How To Become A Digital Marketing Expert? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

More people spend more time on the internet now than ever before. The social media era has taken the attention of the consumers from their previous offline distractions, and as such, has reduced the impact traditional marketing or advertising used to have on the population.

Companies with stagnant or dwindling revenues are desperate for more sales, especially as the consumers they used to target now spend their time chasing other things online.

To achieve this, organisations are beginning to follow the trend and go where the eye balls currently are. They try to engage with their market and do everything possible to convert them into loyalists.

The problem here is building a successful brand online this is hard for a traditional marketing team. Even a team of 10 experienced offline marketers in an organisation can yield zero results with online marketing.

The void and difficulty of building a brand online then creates a strong opportunity for the new type of marketer: The digital marketing expert.

What Is Digital Marketing About Anyway?

Digital marketing is the art of marketing products or services using digital technologies, majorly on the internet, including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

Who Then Is A Digital Marketing Expert?

A digital marking expert is an individual with a vast experience and know-how to promote or sell any brand’s image, products, or services online. They’re usually experts at what they do, and can deliver results that a traditional marketer would only dream of doing offline.

These individuals are usually well-paid, with a highly experienced digital marketer with an exceptional track record earning 10x more than the regular digital marketer would.

For a fact, some extraordinary digital marketers like Neil Patel sometimes earn as high as $100,000 Dollars just to audit an organisation’s digital strategy and create a plan for them to follow.

How Can You Become A Digital Marketing Expert?

Becoming an experienced and highly sought-after digital marketer takes a lot of time and effort. You must be willing to keep learning and must have a track record of businesses you have successfully helped sell more of their products or services online.

That said, here are 6 things you must know if you’re going to become a successful digital marketing expert: 

1). You Must Learn Constantly:

Education is key to staying ahead of the curve. To always know what’s new in the industry, what currently works, what’s getting defunct, who the top marketers are, and how to break into a new market niche, you must always be learning. Your knowledge base must encompass everything about digital marketing, and you must be prepared to take on any task that’s put forward before you.

Here are some things you must know as a digital marketing expert:

  • Content marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Search (PPC)
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Display Marketing (Ad Ops)
  • Web Analytics and Reporting
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Building High-Converting Sales Funnels

And many more.

To be a successful digital marketing expert, you must master these online marketing fundamentals and hone them to perfection.

2). Implement What You’ve Learnt With Personal Projects:

Everything you’ve learnt should be put into practice. You can setup personal social media accounts and grow them till they have large followings, start a blog and grow it successfully using advanced digital marketing techniques, create a sales funnel and sell thousands of digital products, and a whole lot more.

By implementing what you’ve learnt on your own projects, you’ll quickly learn from your failures and get better than you are at digital marketing in a very short time.

3). Do A Lot Of Free work:

People usually don’t throw in a lot of money at an individual who has little to nothing to show. They want to see works you’ve done for other clients like them, and to achieve this, you’d have to spend a lot of time doing some free or very low-paid jobs for some businesses.

Doing this will help you build a portfolio you can work with, and will determine your negotiating power, depending on what type of successes your free or low paid works managed to achieve.

4). Build Your Personal Brand:

Your personal brand will more likely precede your business name as a digital marketer, and as such, you must spend a lot of time grooming it to a highly respectable state.

One way to do this is by starting a blog where you teach people digital marketing. By doing this, you establish yourself as an authority, and this makes organisations and other digital marketers view you as a professional they can learn from or patronise.

5). Network:

By networking, I mean engaging with other digital marketers online, commenting on high authority digital marketing blogs to get pressing answers from your mentors, and sending emails from time to time to your colleagues (even if you’ve never met them before) for solutions to some problems you’re experiencing.

Networking is critical for every digital marker, as times will arise when you’ll be stuck in a critical situation and will need someone else to share their experience with you, on how they got out of it.

By networking, you’ll also get referrals for digital marketing consultancy gigs, which would have a great impact on your income depending on what type of client you get.

6). Get Certified:

While this is not compulsory, some clients will never let your lack of a certification go unnoticed. People who mostly require a form of certification are largely individuals who are or act like they’re from a previous generation. They believe skill-sets are first proven on paper before real life, and will find it difficult giving you a go ahead to work with their company without a form of document that certifies you’re fit for the job.

To avoid missing potential income that could be generated from this sect, you should go on to get a digital marketing certification, so you can always present it whenever you’re asked.

To Sum It Up

While digital marketing may seem easy after reading this article, it entirely isn’t. You have to be up-to-date on everything that’s happening in the internet marketing sphere and regularly work on projects (even for free sometimes) to build a trail of works you have successfully executed.

What are your thoughts on this? kindly let your opinion known in the comment section below.
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Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Admission List for 2019/2020 Academic Session

The Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, provisional admission list that contains the names of candidates offered provisional admission into the various undergraduate programmes of the university for the 2019/2020 academic session has been released.
ABU admission list has been successfully uploaded online.

How to Check ABU Admission List.

Go to ABU admission portal at
Supply your JAMB registration Number in the required column.
Finally, click on Search to access your ABU admission status.
Please NOTE that all successful candidate are expected to do the following before 10th November, 2019:
The admitted students should be advised to immediately upload their O’Level results on the JAMB portal.
Those who have been offered courses different from what they applied for should also change the course to the new one on the JAMB portal.
Successfully admitted candidates are also advised to go to JAMB CAPS portal to ACCEPT or REJECT the offer

ALTERNATIVELY, you can also access your ABU admission status from JAMB admission status checking portal, by following the procedure outlined below:

  1. Go
  2. Login to your Jamb profile with your username and password.
  3. Scroll down then locate and click the ‘Check Admission Status‘ tab.
  4. Select your Exam year and Enter your registration number in the required columns.
  5. Finally, click on ‘Check Admission Status‘ to access your ABU admission status.

Congratulations to all the candidates that made it to ABU admission list for the 2019/2020 academic session.

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How To Let Go Of Someone You Love And Move On

Why in the hell would you move on from a relationship when you are still in love? This makes no sense in many ways, but does make sense in so many other ways. This usually happens when your partner is a complete asshole but you’re still holding on to how this person previously treated you or from their past actions.

Relationships are harder investments to walk away from than an investment with money. Giving someone all of you is different than the exchange of funds. We are wired to want and need love and the value of someone’s love that is not a friend or family member is greater for most. That last statement is weird, yet true for most. You should not leave until all has been exhausted. Never give any human being all of you. Invest that effort into your self-discovery and self-fulfillment. Your ROI (Return on Investment) is greater when you invest in yourself first.


Love is a deep romantic or sexual attachment to a person. Are you just in love with the idea of being in love? There needs to be an understanding developed on the emotions that have you in a relationship that you want to move on from while still in love. Love is based on the foundation of the relationship. The foundation is what the attraction is to your partner. Why do you love the person that you’re with? Is it the person’s physical appearance, money, possible future, or the fact that the person catered to your every need? None of that should be the foundation of a relationship. The foundation must be a combination of many things and none of them are superficial. Foundational things that should bring the emotion of love are: they inspire and or motivate you, they are supportive of all dreams and goals, non-judgmental, emotional and physically supportive, caring, friendship, sharing, and understanding. All other things are what I would call furniture that you decorate the house with. This means the house is the foundation and the furniture is the physical looks, money, and the great treatment.

What is the investment?

How much of you have you given to this relationship and what are you losing by leaving? It’s always harder to leave your best friend that has been by your side for many years. Is your future tied up into this relationship? Now, what you must realize is that your investment in the relationship is LOST once you decide to move on. No, you can’t have the gifts back, and there is no return of effort or time.

Exhaustion of all efforts

What have you done to keep the relationship going and has it been genuine or forced? When and if you decide to move on, regret can’t exist. When you’re single and you ask yourself the question of what you did to keep it going, there needs to be multiple answers. You can move on to something else and you know you left something on the table. You can know that it will not lead to positive change, but you still must make the effort. The effort should be things like talking, dates, gifts, sex, compromise, distance, and a host of other things to try and change the mood. Exhaustion of all efforts helps remove the regret when moving on from the relationship.

The Why

Why are you still in love and looking to move on? The relationship should be at a point that it’s unbearable for this to now be a consideration. This person must be at his or her most selfish and inconsiderate point. Your partner is cheating, physically and or mentally harmful, or just existing. You should never be in a relationship that is abusive physically and or mentally and that should go without saying. If you are with a person and they add nothing to your life then this should be a reason to move on as well. Any relationship should be beneficial for both people and not just one. Both should give and bring something to the table that benefits the life of the other person. Joy is a benefit, support, inspiration, and motivation. If the money has run low and he or she is having a hard time and you’re looking to leave then you were in the relationship for all the wrong reasons. If your why for leaving is strong and your efforts have surpassed the why then moving on is the best way to go. That relationship happened for a reason and it may not be clear initially but it will become clear in the future. Be confident in your decision. You know when time is up and that feeling of wanting to leave is a clear indicator. Your instincts will lead you the right way in relationships and put your best interest before anything else.

Decision Notice

The hardest part about the process of moving on is informing the person that you’re moving on. What always gets in the way of this process going smoothly is ego. This fragile piece of a person is shattered when the person is no longer wanted. The person receiving the news of the breakup never takes it smoothly. That does not matter to you and the delivery of the message. You have analyzed all aspects and have given great efforts. This decision was made with logic and emotion. You have decided that the most important person of the two of you is your emotions. You made the sacrifices that were needed, your love was unconditional, and you exhausted all your efforts. No companion’s feelings and emotions are greater than yours.

The After

The decision is rough but you are stern and know what is best for you and your feelings. Now you are alone and that relationship took a toll on you mentally and you don’t know how to date someone else. You need to do one thing after a break-up. You need to date yourself and love yourself after a meaningful relationship. This period of dating yourself and loving yourself helps you heal those wounds and bring yourself back.You will have to interact with others of course, but make sure the others are positive and loving individuals. Make sure any environment you are in, are full of life and love. Don’t ask for advice from others, because you don’t need advice on what is best for you. Only you know what’s best for your life, because it’s your life. Take control and embrace the pain. You fix the pain with love but it starts with self-love. No one else will love you as you want if you don’t love yourself first.

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Lagos Makes List of Richest Cities In Africa

Africa Facts Zone on Twitter have in a recent post, listed the richest African cities. The cities contained in the list include;

Johannesburg in South Africa


Cape Town in South Africa


Cairo in Egypt


Lagos in Nigeria


Durban in South Africa


Nairobi in Kenya

What are your thoughts on this? kindly let your opinion known in the comment section below.
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Things You Can Start Doing Today To Succeed With ZERO Talent In Nigeria

Sometimes you see someone great and say they’re talented and that’s how they got where they are but not all great or successful people have talent.

In Nigeria, we put ourselves in victim mode when there’s so much we can do to produce results and become successful. However, here are 10 things you can do even if you have no talent at all:

1. Being on Time

Time is the most valuable commodity so it’s disrespectful to yourself and others if you waste it. Being on time is something that is very much in your control. People who are always late underestimate how much time it takes to get ready and go somewhere. It’s a habit which is formed from a lack of discipline.

2. Work Ethic

This is a prerequisite to becoming successful. You reap what you sow in life. Think about people like Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Will Smith, Conor McGregor. They all have one thing in common, an insane work ethic. No matter how talented you are, if you don’t have this then you’ll never realise your full potential.

3. Effort

Putting maximum effort into everything you do works in conjunction with your work ethic. If you’re doing this and on the highest leverage tasks, then you will get an insane amount more done than everybody else.

4. Body Language

A lot of the times communication is non-verbal and the way you carry yourself is more important than what you say. Strong body language can literally change your physiology and state which people feel. Two minutes of a simple power pose can increase your testosterone levels by 20 percent. Isn’t that remarkable? Make good eye contact, stand up straight, don’t fidget. Those are signals of a confident person that is comfortable with themselves. Study the greats and see how they communicate non-verbally. “Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft.” – Will Smith

5. Energy

Energy management is even more important than time management. You will be more successful if you can sustain high energy levels for a long period of time. To manage your energy in the best way possible, think about the thoughts you are having, how you are moving your body and what your nutrition is like.

6. Attitude

Choose a positive attitude as often as you can. No one wants to be around someone who is negative and negativity doesn’t lead to success. No external event can effect you unless you allow it. Always find the silver lining.

7. Passion

Align yourself with what you love. Passion is one of the things that makes life worth living. When you are passionate about something, it constantly excites you. To truly be great at something, you’re going to have to love it. It’s a tough process to mastery and is near impossible if no passion is there.

8. Being Coachable

Being coachable is one of the keys to success. If you’re someone who is always arguing with the guy that is where you want to be, you need to stop. You’re wasting your energy. They’re there for a reason. They have produced results and if you want to produce the same results you need to listen. First emulate and then build your own style. Learn from those who came before you.“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants” – Isaac Newton

9. Doing Extra

If you over deliver people will always remember you. You reap what you sow and that’s what remarkable people do. You always have more left in the tank than you think.

10. Being Prepared

Preparation breeds confidence, which is essential. Whether it’s playing a sport, making a presentation or going on a trip, you need to be well prepared for the task at hand. A lot of the times we see success and we don’t see that most of it is due to preparation. The relentless planning, practice and review. As Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. This makes you proactive (planning things before they happen) vs reactive (planning things after they happen) which is a way stronger position.

We can do anything in our lifetimes. Absolutely anything we want to . It’s up to us though to cultivate the traits needed to achieve what we want. It’s not about degrees or financial status, it’s about your habits. Make no excuses as all of these are in your control so go now and grab life with both hands and actually make it happen!

What are your thoughts on this? kindly let your opinion known in the comment section below.
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Chrisland University Undergraduate Degree Programmes Admission for 2019/2020 Academic Session

Chrisland University, the University arm of Chrisland Schools is a vision driven University, approved by the Federal Government with the take-off site at its Abeokuta Campus.

The University aims to become a world-class institution renowned for intellectual freedom, ethical standards, impeccable character, research, community service and the outstanding training of a new generation of leaders.

The academic programmes of the University are designed to reflect creativity, flexibility and uniqueness, thereby offering students a breath of opportunities for lifelong intellectual and moral growth, global awareness and career choices in the traditional and emerging professions, government, business, industry, etc.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into undergraduate degree programmes on a full-time basis in the following programmes:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Banking & Finance
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Criminology & Security Studies
  • International Relations
  • Mass Communication
  • English
  • History & International Studies
  • Psychology
  • Computer Science
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Physics with Electronics
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry


Why choose Chrisland University?

  • 100% NUC accreditation of programmes
  • Full operational license by Federal Government of Nigeria
  • Serene environment
  • Constant power supply
  • Affordable fees with comfortable installment payment plan
  • Additional certificate in entrepreneurship (Technovation) upon graduation
  • Well equipped library and a robust e-library resources
  • Adequate and well equipped world class laboratories
  • Comfortable hostel accommodation (2 in a room, ensuite with water heater)
  • Active Students’ representative council
  • Functional sporting and recreational facilities
  • Linkages and Internship opportunities abroad.

How to Apply for Chrisland University Admission.

  • All applicants can apply online via or they can come to our Campus located at Km 5, Ajebo Road, Abeokuta, Ogun State.
  • Candidates must score 160 and above in the 2019/2020 UTME examination.
  • Direct Entry Candidates must have A-Level passes in relevant subjects or equivalent HND/ND/NCE (Not below lower credit) in relevant discipline.
  • Candidates who did not meet up with the 160 cut off point or who did not for sit for the 2019/2020 UTME can apply for our nine months Joint University Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB) programme for admission into 200 level.

Contact us at:

Km 5. Ajebo Road, Abeokuta, Ogun State.
Follow us on www,
Twitter: Chrislanduni
Instagram: Chrisland_university.
Call, 08132663928, 08023046920 and 07068476270

David Olowola

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Beautiful video from baby shower held for BBNaija’s Tboss

Former reality TV star, TBoss has released a beautiful video from her baby shower hours after admitting that she recently put to bed.

Recall that the BBnaija season 2 finalist recently admitted that she was pregnant all the while suspicions were raised and announced that she welcomed her child safely.

Sharing the video on her Instagram page, she wrote: #BabyShower: I see cute photos & I hear about it But I had never attended one. So when my Akeen Aka @simplysorrentino suggested that I had it, I really wasn’t up for it. In fact she literally forced me to have it. And I have No regrets that I did.
It was absolutely beautiful- She with a couple of my lovely friends turned family organized the whole party and it was sooo cute
Good food, lots of cakes, drinks & yummzzz, Great friends & loads of fun games- Jezzzz I never knew my friends & sister were so competitive.
All Round a Night to Remember
Thank you to everyone who came over to celebrate with us ( There’s 2 of me now) I’m most grateful for your friendship, Love, care & support and I celebrate you All. Thank u @beautybykuni
@miss_goldilocks Thank you for the video- Guys you can watch the Full clip on her YouTube channel, the link is in my Bio & Please don’t forget to Like, Comment & Subscribe as she would be posting up All the juicy juicy of my pregnancy journey- Not my decision but she’s nosy & forceful like that
Ps: Please who’s that whale coming down the stairs
Spot someone who’s OBSESSED with rubbing & poking my tummy
My silence was just that: Silence- until I was ready to speak about it.

She also shared a beautiful pregnancy photo of herself even as she stated why she kept her pregnancy away from social media.

According to her, she hid the news of her pregnancy from the world because she wanted to avoid negativity and needed to enjoy the journey and pay attention to herself and her growing fetus.

Click To Watch Video

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Kwara State Polytechnic (KWARAPOLY) Post UTME Screening Form for 2019/2020 Academic Session

The management of the Kwara State Polytechnic invites all candidates who have applied for admission into the Institution’s various National Diploma (ND) Full-Time programmes for the 2019/2020 academic session to register for the Post-UTME screening exercise.

To be eligible for the screening exercise, candidates must have chosen Kwara State Polytechnic as their first or second choice and scored the minimum JAMB score for Polytechnics in the 2019 UTME. Any candidate with Lower Scores should not apply.

How to Register for Kwara State Polytechnic Post UTME.

Applicants are to pay the screening fee of N2,000 only, through Interswitch Web pay platform using ATM Cards (Master Card, Verve Card and other Interswitch enabled Cards).

  1. Go to Kwara Poly admission screening portal @
  2. Click on appropriate application link.
  3. Create your profile by completing the form.


  1. Click on Resume Application on the left menu to continue.
    • Enter personal details on the next screen and click continue.
    • Enter JAMB details alongside your first and second choices and click continue.
    • Enter O’Level details with number of sittings and click continue.
    • Upload Passport Photograph (50KB maximum size) and click continue.
  2. Click on Screening Application on the left menu to continue.
    • Read the declaration and click on Proceed button to continue.
    • Upload your documents and click on “Upload and Continue”.
    • Enter Next of Kin Information and click on Continue.
    • Read Payment Instructions carefully and click on the Notification Tab.
    • Click on Continue to see payment details.
    • Click on CollegePay button to proceed to payment OR
    • Click on Cancel button to terminate the payment process.
  3. Make Payment
    • Select your ATM card type (e.g Verve or Master Card)
    • Enter your Card Number
    • Enter Card Expiry Date and the card CVV2 (the 3 digits on the reverse side of the card and lastly enter your card pin; and
    • Then click on Pay.
  4. After successful payment, Click the appropriate button to print Application Documents and Payment Slip.
  5. You can click Reprint on the left menu to reprint your documents.

Please Note:

  1. The Portal opens on Monday, 26th August, 2019 at 12.01 am and closes on Monday, 9th September, 2019, at 11.59 pm. No further payment or registration will be allowed after the closure.
  2. The screening exercise date will be communicated later.
  3. The screening exercise will be by Computer Based Test (CBT).
  4. Candidates should ensure that the data supplied are correct because these will be used for official purposes throughout the period of their study in the Polytechnic.
  5. All Candidates seeking for admission into the Kwara State Polytechnic must undergo the screening exercise.
  6. Only candidates who properly register for the screening exercise and are successful will be considered for admission.
  7. Candidates are advised to meticulously provide their details on the portal as any candidate that supplies wrong information will be automatically disqualified and his/her admission could be withdrawn at any stage.

Candidates awaiting Result should not apply.

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