How To Manage Time In JAMB

The JAMB 2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination  starts from April 11th, 2019. You must have prepared adequately for the exam and have come up with good strategies which will help them excel in the exam.


*4 Subjects in 120 Minutes ( 30 Minutes per Subject )

*180 questions in 7200 seconds ( 40 seconds per question )

1. Endeavor to attempt all the questions & still have AT LEAST 20 MINUTES left to crosscheck all the choices you have made if you are really planning for a TOP SCORE this year !

2. Even if you know the correct answers to all the questions, you will still not be able to finish if you are not very Swift with your time

3. The CBT System expects you to spend *AT MOST* 40 seconds on a question.

4. If you spend anything above 40 seconds on a question, you encroach into the time meant for another question. *Trouble begins*

5. The implication is that any extra second you spend on a question, your overall *time/question ratio* decreases. Meaning that you are having lesser time to solve each of the remaining questions as against your original plan.

6. If time is seriously against you, you might end up picking options randomly without having the time to read & solve the questions


You spend 30 Minutes in each of your 4 UTME Subjects, you finish exactly in 120 Minutes( 2 hours )


1. You spend just 15 Minutes on your Best subject ( you gain 15 Minutes )

2. You spend just 18 Minutes on your second Best Subject ( you gain 12 Minutes )

3. You spend 20 Minutes on your Toughest Subject ( You gain 10 Minutes )

4. You Spend 27 Minutes on Use Of English, taking time to read the  Comprehension passages & the Oral questions ( you gain 3 Minutes )

5. You Spend 20 Minutes going back to solve & answer all the questions you weren’t sure of the options you chose.

*Total Time Spent: 100 Minutes

*Total Time left of 120 Minutes = 20 Minutes

*You Spend the remaining 20 Minutes cross checking all your works . This is Very Important !

Wish You all the Best!!

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