Scholarship Grant for Undergradute Students

We are offering a one-time grant to a deserving bright student who will meet our criterion, and this is basically for tuition fee.
The amount of that we are giving is $1000 and that is meant to subsidize student tuition fee. This grant is not restricted to any part of the world, but is open for applications from whoever deems is eligible to put in for it.

About us

5beddings is a review company that does product reviews and advice on bedding. Our social responsibility to society is to see a world that is transformed and self reliant and that is what drives our passion for living. Our big concern is education, and especially for the bright and needy students, and as part of our give away charity, we are doing this to a deserving bright student who will meet our needs.


We will apply a strict criterion to ensure that only deserving bright student get this grant to support their studies. To be eligible for this grant, one must:

·        Be enrolled in an institution of higher learning and pursuing undergraduate studies

·        Be a bright student with exceptional excellent performance

·        Pass a test that we will give as part of our selection criterion

·        Attach all supporting academic enrollment documents

·        Be pursuing any course or be from any country


This is a one time grant of $1000 that gathers only for the students’ tuition fee.


If you are to participate in this grant application, you must complete this test for your application to be considered. Otherwise, we will not review your application without completing the test. You must write a copy of 1000 words illustrating the;

Topic: How education and technology are evolving together. Then email to

Deadline: December 13, 2019.

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