Business Ideas, Students Can Use To Make Money On Campus

Looking for how to start up a business of your own, here are 15 lucrative business ideas you can start today as a student with low start up cash.

If you are good at repairing faulty phones, you can consider starting this business and make your money.

If you can speak eloquently and can make people laugh, then you should consider becoming an MC and a comedian on campus. All you need to do is to learn the rudiments of being a Master of Ceremony via the internet and you are good to go. Just like DJs, MCs are always requested for in events. Your first successful hosting of an event, may be at a friend’s birthday party, is enough to get you referrals.

Baking is a very lucrative business in any school environment, whatsoever because people love cakes! So if you’re good at baking things. Start it immediately. You could even get a space within campus to showcase your pastries. You can bake cakes for occasions such as birthdays, wedding parties, shows and so on, the list is endless.

Can you sew good quality and fashionable clothes? If yes. Then you can start your own tailoring business. With a fashion designing career, you can generate loads of money even while in school. All that is required is a sewing machine.

Advertise your services online and on social media platforms. Paste notice bills in strategic places within and around campus and then inform your course mates to tell their friends. This is a very profitable business that can empower and enrich university students.

Recharge card sales are not so profitable; however, if you sell them in large quantities, you’ll definitely make some extra-bucks. And the good thing is that, it doesn’t have to consume so much time. Several Nigerian students already make money from selling recharge cards; I had a couple of them in my department back then in school.

Here’s how you should do it… buy them in large quantities and put them in your backpack or hand bag. Thank goodness they are not heavy at all. Make an announcement, either through your course rep or by yourself telling other students what your line of business is all about.

I’m sure several people who’d have had to go out of class to look for recharge card sellers will decide to buy from you instead. If you’re not interested in paper cards, you could adopt the VTU (virtual top-up) method.

This is one of the most lucrative business on campus. Selling of lecture materials and past question papers, some lecturers after lectures do give the lecture note to the classrep , if you on a good relationship with your classrep or even lecturers, they can give u the lecture note ahead or after the lectures, you go and make photocopies, bring them to the class the next lectures day and sell.

Running a photography business around institution campuses is no doubt highly profitable. Students simply love to take pictures especially during birthday, during matriculation, during convocation, parties and other campus fun time.

Most student have need to type their assignments, project and other research paper work. If you have a personal computer you can start a typing business.

How to go about this business—-you collect the handwritten assignments or paper work and type in the evening after your lectures. After typing you take it to a computer center to print out at N10 per page. You can charge between N70-N100 per page for each typing job. This gives you a profit margin of between N60-N90 per page. If you can type 20 pages per day, that gives you a profit of N1200 – N1900 per day. Isn’t that a good small business to start and make money on campus?

So, if you’re skilled at photography and can use Photoshop very well, then you must take advantage of the opportunities within Nigerian school environments.

During my school days, I have a female friend who use hair plaiting business to pay all her bills in school. What she did was during weekends, she would visit the student female hostels and ask for students that want to make their hair. She plait and fix weave-on.

You can also start this business in school, learn to plait and fix weave-on for a fee. You can charge as much as N1000 –N1500 depending on the going rate in your school. You can choose to do this on weekends only to avoid undue interference with your academic work.

The fact is that women and females generally spend more money in self beautification than their male counterparts. As a university student looking for a good business to startup, considering retailing of hair products is one of the best decisions. You can retail hair extensions, hair cream, hair shampoos and conditioners, hair treatment products, hair accessories and a wide range of hair products. It is a very profitable business that is highly recommended for students regardless of gender. Market your products in school hostels, in your church, in classrooms after lectures, and even on social media, like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Most student on campus are too lazy to do their laundry, on weekends when they are supposed to have enough time to wash their dirty wears, they prefer watching movies and heading out to chill with friends, or going for tutorials, while just a few really take out time to wash their dirty clothes.

If you are diligent and hardworking, you can make good money from this. It just takes doing the laundry for few of your friends and they will keep bringing others for you. You can hire a trusted local resident to assist you when the work load becomes much.

Students on campus love to put on good and fashionable wears, and therefore buy cloths, foot wears, handbags, jewelries and other body accessories quite often. If you could get these wears in bulk at reduced price from big suppliers, you will surely make much money from the trade. All you need to do is purchase good and fashionable wears, stock them inside your boxes, show them to your course mates, friends, hostel mate, church members, they will surely buy from you.

There are many student on campus that are so lazy, they are willing to pay any amount of money for their assignments to be done for them. You can take advantage of this and make cool cash while also learning new things. However, you don’t have to be doing much of what is outside your discipline no matter how intelligent you are as you will spend much time on researching new materials which could affect your studies.

Not all the students in school are strong academically. There are courses that are usually though and difficult to understand. And student taking these courses will not mind paying someone to teach them the course. If you are very good in a particular course, this is a great opportunity you must take advantage of. Your target students could be your course mates or junior colleague’s especially first year students in your department/faculty. You may choose to hold the classes on weekends only and charge per class attended.

This is a great business opportunity for students who have personal computer system with internet access to make cool money. You can assist fellow students with online registrations (Scholarship applications, School fees payment, admission regularization, course registration etc.) and charge a token for the services. This is quite lucrative especially at the beginning of semesters and when there are prospective/new students on campus.

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