6 Profitable Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start Today In Nigeria

Running a home based business or working from home has long been perceived as been jobless, especially in Africa.

This assumption has slowly blinded a lot of people to the large opportunities that some home based businesses pose. The lack of information has kept millions in the dark and as such many continue their lives in their mostly annoying, frustrating, and moderate to low paying nine to five jobs. With these surrounding factors still, they manage themselves, push on, and hope for a better tomorrow, where they’d get a “better or high paying job”.

With thousands of people and possibly millions eventually been downsized because of the economic recession caused mostly by the fall in the global value of crude oil currently been experienced in Nigeria, many unfortunate individuals would find themselves at home for a long time. This forced suspension from work will open the minds of a number people, and motivate a couple to start thinking in a new direction.

Without the required funds to rent an office to start a business, many would be forced to setup home based businesses. Home based businesses if executed right and solves a real local problem has made some highly focused Africans millionaires. While many wallow in thought and look for opportunities in the wrong places, many others are making a lot of money from their home based African businesses. If you’re asking yourselves questions like: “what will it take to start a home based business in Nigeria?” or “what profitable home based business can I start in Nigeria?”, read on.

Here are six (6) profitable home based businesses you can start today in Nigeria and anywhere else in the world: 

1). Laundry & Dry Cleaning:

With a lot of people especially the working class getting busier by the day, they find it extremely difficult to do the laundry for most of their clothing. This large population of busy individuals constantly reach out to their neighborhood dry cleaners to do the laundry on their behalf. The opportunity people do not realize here is that an average person that goes to the laundry house carries with he/she a minimum of five clothing. Most small scale dry cleaners get over 50 customers a day with varying quantities of clothing to be washed. In the right environment and at the right price, most generate revenues of over 45,000 Naira ($150) every day, which amounts to over 450,000 Naira ($1500) a month. The larger the market, the larger the opportunity, and this can 100% be run from your vicinity. Simply rent a small store in your neighborhood and alert residents of your service. From a small start, over time you’d grow to serve a wider community and possibly have multiple branches in different vicinities on the long run. With proper planning, great customer service, and the right execution, you’d be a success. You can start today!

2). Consulting Services:

Web development, app development, social media marketing, and many other consulting professions are today, mostly run from home by single individuals. This service department is gradually having a large home based office style. With companies outsourcing most of their projects, they now mostly seek professionals that don’t have fancy offices, but give rock solid execution and charge a lot lower. For example, most advertising agencies in Nigeria make use of highly skilled independent web and mobile application developers, rather than outsourcing to fully setup companies that’d charge an arm and a leg for the quality of service they’d benefit from the indie developer. While consulting has it perks like contracts might not come in on a regular basis, mostly when they’re executed, the consultant gets paid a lot of money, but far lesser than a standard company would charge. This periodic income, even at sometimes just 10 times a year on a general average scale are mostly more than twice the monthly salary the individual would have earned working for a similar company that offers those services. With time, your network would grow, followed by contracts, and eventually your networth. The most important skill anyone needs here is the ability to establish strong networks. With a unique skill that’s highly in demand, you can start today.

3). Selling On Online Market Places:

With various diversified products, you can easily sign up on an online marketplace like KongaJumiaOpiidAmazon, and several others to start selling your merchandise. The trick here is to identify a niche no one has really covered, get the items available on the marketplace for a good price, and you’re in business. Some stores make over two hundred and fourty thousand Naira ($800) a month. Some make lesser. But with the right quantity of the right products, your revenues would grow faster monthly and within a certain period, you’d be able to own your own e-commerce store with a lot of products to get anyone’s attention that visits your website. This home based business is a great way for anyone aspiring to launch an independent online store to start from. With the right items, you can start selling on online marketplaces today.

4). Day Care Services:

A lot of working mothers need someone to look after their babies and little kids when they are off to work. Many have trust issues with nannies and would rather find a local day care centre in their neighborhood run by someone that a lot of people trust. With lots of mothers looking for an individual or a home based day care business to babysit their kids, you can turn your apartment into one and start charging fees for caring for the kids when they are gone. On the long run, you could eventually own a standard day care or mini school for little kids.

5). Freelance Writing:

With the proliferation of multiple online news and niche topic sites, freelancers are getting more writing opportunities. Various online publishers pay individuals to write some unique articles for them, based on their highly skilled know how on the subject. To get started, do a research for online publishers that pay freelance writers for their contributions. Make your search demographic both local and worldwide. With a blog portfolio with some already published highly intellectual content, you’d land your first freelance gig after a few passes, and as your portfolio builds, you’d eventually write for multiple publishers. 

6). Poultry Farming:

Thousands of tons of chickens and eggs are consumed on a daily basis in Nigeria. With the current availability of poultry products in the market, the demand still greatly exceeds the supply. Various individuals and businesses have grown small poultry farms to large entities generating tens of millions every year. Even a former president of Nigeria owns one of the largest poultry farms in Africa. With a small space in your backyard, you can start a little poultry farm and overtime expand to larger plots of lands. The potential in poultry farming can never truly be satisfied. This home based business, is one venture that’d turn overly profitable if executed right. You can start today.

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