Easy Tricks to Restore Formatted Partition

Partitioning is necessary for a computer to save your data on it. The partition acts as a database to store, transfer and save data on the computer. With the help of partition, you can divide mass storage or memory into isolated sections. Sometimes, you lose a partition’s data.

Your operating system may not recognize a partition because of mistaken deletion, virus attack, and so on. The partition table plays an important role to make a partition accessible or recognized. You may not see a partition after a virus attack on the partition table or accidental deletion of the partition. In this situation, you have to format recovery partition to access your data.

Reliable Solution for Data Recovery

Without a tech background, you may find it complicated to recover a deleted partition. Fortunately, it will be easy for everyone to restore data with the help of Recoverit Partition Recovery software. With this professional software, it will be easy for you to recover deleted partition, lost data, logical or hard drive. Recoverit data recovery can help you in the following ways:

  • You can recover over 96% data with Recoverit data recovery.
  • Recover different types of files, such as documents, videos, and photos.
  • Restore data from an unbootable Windows system and all storage devices
  • Get essential files back from formatted devices. Recoverit can successfully restore formatted partition within just a few minutes on Mac and Windows.
  • Quickly recover data from formatted partitions, hard drives, volumes, external drives, USB and memory card.

Recover Formatted Partition with Recoverit Data Recovery

Formatting may happen without your knowledge. With Recoverit, you can deal with these disasters. Recovery should be secure and straightforward. Follow these simple steps for data recovery after formatting recovery

Choose Lost Partition Option

Launch Recoverit Data Recovery software, choose the deleted or lost disk partition from a pop-up window to start data recovery. Hit “Scan” to search your lost data.

Scan Deleted Partition

This advanced data recovery solution scan the formatted partition and starts recovering data. This process may take a few minutes. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can begin scanning once again with a different option.

Recover the Lost Partition Data

After the scan, you can see the list of recovered files. Feel free to filter your desired data and view them before hitting the “Recover” button. If you want to restore all files, you can hit the “Recover” button without previewing them.

Store Recovered Files on a New Location

After clicking the “Recover” button, select a suitable location to save your restored files. Try to choose an external drive to save this data. It is necessary to decrease the risk of overwriting a lost partition.

Identify the Reasons for Raw Partition

Sometimes, the partition of your drive becomes raw. The data will become inaccessible, and Windows might suggest you format this drive. Remember, after formatting a partition, you will lose your data files. Fortunately, you can recover a lost partition with Recoverit Data Recovery. To avoid this situation in the future, you have to identify the reasons for having a raw partition in the first place. After knowing these reasons, you can protect your data in a better way. It is an excellent way to save time and valuable data.

Bad Sectors

Bad sectors in the main area of your hard drive can affect the performance of your drive. Your drive may act abnormally and become a Raw format. If your partition needs permission, change its security settings in properties. Explore properties by right-clicking on the RAW partition. Hit on the “security” tab and delete useless users and messy codes. At the same time, you have to add a local user.

Structural Damage in File System

Drive partition may become RAW format because of damage in the file system. Any structural damage to your file system can make a partition RAW. To solve this issue, you have to access management tool and change security settings. Open “Control Panel” and choose Security and System. Hit on “Administrative tools” and search “Security Policy Local”. You have to choose “Local Policy – Security Settings” in the following screen. For local accounts, access sharing, and security model. Double click this option to change “only guest” to classic.

Table Corruption

With table corruption, the partition on a drive may have issues. It can make your data corrupt. When this happens, you need a 3rd party recovery tool. Recoverit data recovery can recover data without any data loss. It can be a reliable choice to recover folder and files from a corrupt partition.

Reinstallation of Operating System

Your carelessness while upgrading an old operating system can affect your valuable data. If your old partition follows the FAT file system, you can’t change it to NTFS. Your operating system can’t identify the new file system. It will become RAW, and you may avoid data loss with Recoverit partition recovery solution.

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