Head Teacher Lands In Big Trouble After Duping Students Of Exam Fees

A head teacher recently got himself in trouble with the law after he was discovered to have used KSh 121,000 students’ examination fees to cater for his rent. At least 45 senior high school students from Green Stars High School in Kitabi, Uganda risk missing out on their national examinations after the rogue headmaster swindled their exam fees.


The Daily Monitor reported the school head Yusuf Mulwana, collected KSh 121,000 (N425, 716) from the students but instead of forwarding the funds to the Uganda national examination council, he ended up pocketing it. One candidate attested to sending the teacher a lump some of cash to cater for the examination fees as well as the remaining fee balance through mobile money services.

“Unfortunately, the head teacher didn’t pass on the money to the bursar and as we were going for first term holiday, my report was confiscated under pretext that I had a debt with the school, which is not true,” the candidate identified as Annet Kyalimpa said during an interview on Wednesday.
The head teacher’s evasion tactics are rather typical as the aggrieved students claim he has resorted to absconding duties several days a week and ignoring calls from worried parents. Cat and mouse games by the head teacher have gone on for a month before Mulwanah was apprehended.
Appearing before Entebbe Chief Magistrate Mary Babirye, the school head pleaded not guilty as he stood accused of obtaining money under false pretense. Mulwanah, however, admitted to using the money to clear his rent arrears as well as paying for his pregnant wife’s hospital bill.

He defended his actions as he cried foul over delayed salary for up to six months. “I had spent six months without getting my salary and when I demanded for it, the school director refused to pay me. That’s why I also decided to pay myself,” he said.
Despite his pleas, the head teacher is set to stay in remand till July 22 when the case will be heard again. Uganda’s national examination council is making arrangements to ensure the affected candidates are registered for national exams.

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