Fruits And Vegetables, Meats And 6 Other Sperm Killing Foods Men Should Stop Eating

If you and your wife are trying to have a child, then it would be great to stay away from these 8-sperm killing foods to give higher chances to conceiving your baby.

Men, you have to avoid these foods if you and your partner are planning to have your baby soon!

1. Sweets and soft beverages

Excess sugar can not only make you gain weight and give you heart problems, but it can also diminish your sperm count and sperm quality. Which is why it’s important to restrain your sugar intake.

2. Processed meat

Taking processed meat like bacon, hotdogs, and ham have a lot of chemicals that can harm your sperm quality. Some concocted meats also carry more hormones than normal meat, and can thus alter your testosterone levels.

3. Bottled goods

Containers are lined with BPA, a compound that can have consequences related to estrogen, and thus can reduce your sperm count and quality.

4. Organ meats
Gland meats like liver, intestines, etc. might taste good, but they’re dangerous for your sperm because they are rich in cadmium, a mineral that harms your sperm count.

5. Alcohol
A large quantity of liquor can raise the estrogen in your body and thus reduce your sperm count. Alcoholic drinks also affect your liver, so it’s best to stay off them.

6. Soybean products
Soybean might be very healthy and tasty, but if you’re trying to have your baby, it might be a good idea to stop eating lots of soy and soy-based foods since eating high volumes of soy can imitate the consequences of estrogen in your body, driving to a lower sperm count.

7. Full fat milk and dairy

Pesticides and compounds from the environment can seldom get eaten by cows, which connect to the fat in a cow’s body and also fits into the milk. These chemicals can create sperm problems such as having low quality sperm.

So it would be better to ease up on your daily intake if you’re trying to conceive.

8. Fruits and vegetables with pesticides and preservatives

Pesticides and preservatives may seem good but when it comes to keeping vegetables fresh and free from insects, but these can have unfavourable consequences on your body.

Some pesticides have been known to cause infertility in men, so it’s best to eat natural vegetables and fruits so that you can be certain that the food you’re consuming is free from any toxic chemicals.

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