Horror As Man Discovers Embalmed Corpse Of Sister In Mother’s Freezer

A 37-year-old man identified as Adam Smith is reported to have made a horrifying discovery as he cleared out his mother’s freezer. He discovered the corpse of an embalmed baby.



According to Smith who hails from St. Louis, he felt he was opening up a decades-old wedding cake but was mortified to find out that it was a dead baby which he believes is his sister who died 10 years before he was given birth to.

Adam’s mother is however now late, as she passed away from lung cancer at the age of 68 last week, according to reports from KDSK.

“I’m assuming it is my sister, been in a box in a freezer for this long.

“I’m 37… and I was always told it was a wedding cake top. It turns out it was a baby” Adams told KSDK.


Adams described the corpse of the baby in graphic details adding: “It still had skin, hair and everything; it was mummified. After that, I freaked out, put it in the box and called the police right away.”

“The head homicide guy was stumped,” he said. “He looked at me and said, ‘This is a good one.’”

He narrates his confusion upon making the disturbing discovery, saying he just wants to find closure and more answers.

“I’m more confused, angry,” he added. “I just want to find closure. I want to find more answers.

“Even as she was on her deathbed, she never told me what was in that box,” he told the Post-Dispatch.


He further said he holds the thought that his mother may have done something to the baby as she fiercely kept it as a secret, even on her death bed.

“That’s what makes me think maybe she did something to this baby and didn’t want to tell anyone because she was afraid she would get in trouble.

“I’ve asked her several times, it was either a no-no conversation or (she) blew me off,” he revealed.


Mr Smith lastly revealed that he found out recently that his mother had given birth to twins, but one was stillborn while she put the other one up for adoption.

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