Congolese Government ‘throws’ out Nigerian Ambassador Ibim Charles from office


After several xenophobic attacks against Nigerians in South Africa, similar attacks appear to be brewing in the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) against Nigerians in the East African country.


A few hours ago it was gathered that Nigerian Ambassador and other officials were forcibly thrown out of Nigeria’s Embassy in DRC.

“Before I knew what was happening, they had broken into the Diplomatic Building, they entered and threw out our belongings,” one of the officials at the Embassy said.

Speaking on the embarrassing incident, Nigeria’s Ambassador to DRC, Mr. Ibim Nkem Charles said, “I think Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo have a very strong relationship. This property was donated by the government of DRC in the 70s.”

In a short video clip shared by gossipmillnaija, it was described as the “height of disgrace”.

In April 2019, former Foreign Affairs Minister Geoffrey Onyeama disclosed that no fewer than 80 foreign missions would be shut down due to poor funding.

At the time, Nigeria had 110 missions around the world, but according to him the 2019 budget of the ministry of foreign affairs only focus attention on 30.
And in May, Onyema disclosed that Nigerian government shut down three of its embassies abroad and downsized another one due to insufficient funds.


Operations were shut down in Sri Lanka, Czech Republic and the Republic of Serbia while the embassy in Ukraine was drastically downsized.

We can independently verify if Nigeria’s embassy in DRC is among the 80 foreign missions the government of President Muhammadu Buhari is planning to shut down.

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