Reactions As Young Secondary School Girls Caught On Camera Twerking Goes Viral

The video of some senior high school girls in a supposed twerking competition in Ghana has popped up online and is going viral across all social media platform.

In the video, eight girls were seen twerking energetically, doing it to outshine one another.

Though the girls are not on uniform to help with their identification, but according to the comments on the video, it was said that the girls are some of the free SHS girls who are on vacation.

Reacting to the post, below are some comment;

“Some ladies back then in SHS did similar and worst things. They weren’t fortunate to have smarts phones those days for the whole world to see what they were doing , but today social media is cheap and popular. The least thing u do gets a lot of attention. Its their time let them have fun but they should not forget the day of reckoning is coming.”

“If u dnt be a bad gal or boy in shs then u won’t be a bad gal or boy again”

“Social media negative side, is about time our government need to do something about it to control the negative side that children are being exposed to.”

“They are the reason why I want to come to Ghana…I heard they make life easy koraaa . Man must just spend on them”

Click here to watch video

With this acts been publicised on social media, what do you think is the fate of this generation?

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