Nigerian Pastor Cause A Stir With Strange Hand Sign During Service (Photo)

The viral photos of an Anambra based Pastor making a strange hand sign has sparked outrage amongst the christian community in Nigeria after it was first share on the internet.

The pastor who identifies as Emeka Odumeja, a popular prophet who’s the general Overseer of Holy Spirit Intervention Ministry have been in the news for various reasons lately.

The Controversial Prophet Emeka who was recently in the news for allegedly boasting that he will walk on River Niger just like Jesus, a claim which he later denied, has once again been put on hot seat after a photo showing him making what many believed to be cult handsign went viral.

However, while many Nigerians have been accusing the pastor of having spiritual power that might not be from God, many of his fans and followers have come to his defence, insisting that the hand sign was harmless and a mere coincidence.

Prophet Odumeje is also the  spiritual director of Holy Spirit Intervention Ministry, a church that is currently enjoying the patronage of many Anambra youths.

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