Nigerian Man Runs Mad After Refusing To Us His Mother For Money Ritual (Video)

The video of a yahoo boy in his mid’s twenty chanting hysterically that he can’t use his mother for money ritual has become a growing sensation after it was first shared on social media space.
The young man who was been restrained by some concerned men had run mad on the streets of Benin for refusing to use his mother for ritual.

According to, Laila Ijeoma who shared the video on her twitter page the boy was heard saying, he was asked to use his mother, but vehemently refused to, reason why so is that, when his father died, his mother was all they had and she was there for them, providing and doing all sort of menial jobs to keep them alive. He said;

”Dem say make i use my mama, I no fit use my mama. How you go tell me say before i go get money, i go kill my mama? When my papa die, na my mama dey there for us. I no fit use her, i say make use my manhood, them no gree.”

After chanting these words, he proceeded to ask for his laptop. The scene incited onlookers who cried out in pity for him. Watch video below;

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