Drama As Elders And Youths Fight Over A Goat Brought As Part Of Marriage Rite In Anambra (Video)

A viral video which depicted residents of Ogbunka
Aguata in Anambra state struggling viciously for a goat has become a growing sensation on social media space since it was first shared.

According to the short clip, shared by the blogger  famousblog on Instagram, it was gathered that, a mild drama erupted yesterday in a village in Ogbunka in Aguata, Anambra state as red cap chiefs were seen struggling and fighting with the youths over a she-goat.

The goat which had been brought as marriage rites by one of their in-laws who reportedly was marrying a daughter of theirs. As part of traditional rites of the kindred, a goat was part of the gift items brought for the customary marriages rites.

The elders and youth of Ogbunka Aguata struggles amongst themselves who would have the goat after they have been gifted with the goat.  In the video making rounds, the youths were seen punching the goat in the air for it to die, so that everyone could rest, while the elders were stretching livestock to the extent of tearing it apart.

The residents who stood to watch the drama, were heard in the background, saying this goat has suffered, just imagine the punches.

Alot of Nigerians have reacted to the video  blaming the federal Government for reducing her citizens to savages. One of the social media user  who reacted opined that, there is a grave hunger in the land hence there would be no reason mature adults would have to fight so intensely  over a goat.

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