‘I Was Molested By My Grand Uncle And Cousins When I Was 8’ – Actress, Juliet Ibrahim (Video)

Nollywood actress, film producer, humanitarian and author, Juliet Ibrahim who just launched her book ‘A Toast To Life’ made some revelations about her past while granting an interview with CoolfmLagos.

She revealed that she had been exposed to s#xual molestation and r#pe from the tender age of 8 when she was r#ped by her grand uncle and her cousins.

At 14, she was also molested in her parents’ house by a young man who had planned with her nanny in her parents’ absence to sleep with her, she added.

She also said she was proposed to at the age of 18 by a man had never met. She said he only communicated with her and her family on phone and was always sending money and gifts to them.

The next thing, he proposed marriage to her, but she declined because according to her, she had her life and dreams ahead of her and she needed to fulfill her dreams and become the superstar she had always wanted to be, which marriage wouldn’t have let her achieve.

Furthermore, she said she revealed a lot more about her entire life in her recently launched book, ‘A Toast To Life’, both the good and the bad things she experienced.

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