Ihedioha will not last as governor – Okorocha declares

Former governor of Imo State and now Senator of the Federal Republic
of Nigeria, Senator Rochas Okorocha has declared that his successor, Governor Emeka Ihedioha will not last as governor.

The Senator Imo West Senatorial district at the 9th Nigerian Senate, made this pronouncement recently while addressing a group of supporters in Imo State.
In a video presently circulating on social media, the Senator declared that Governor Ihedioha will not last as governor of the state saying that since he resumed office, it has been Rochas this, Rochas that. Asking his listeners ”Is Rochas his job?
The former governor who addressed the audience in the native dialect, Igbo hailed the people saying, My people, my people, to which they responded, Our governor, our governor, as he continued saying ”When I came here yesterday, everywhere was quiet, I told them all to be careful, I told Emeka and his people to be careful. Emeka did not win the election, if not for Nigeria, Emeka should not be governor.
”He didn’t win by number of votes, he didn’t win by the number of local governments required by the constitution. Instead he is busy fighting and making trouble with me. And his government will not last, these few months he has to lead and make impact. He has refused, and what is he doing? He is chasing Rochas. In the morning Rochas, In the afternoon, Rochas, is Rochas his job?” to which the people burst into laughter.
The duo have been locked in continued verbal and media war ever since the 2019 elections were held and continue to appear never to see eye to eye.

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