Ladies! See the easiest way to achieve very soft hands

Every lady’s dream is for her palms to be as soft as a little baby’s own. Soft hands are considered a feminine quality, but just because your hands are rough, it does not make you less of a woman or less sexy.

If you’ve got dry, rough skin on your hands, these tips will remedy them in no time. But you have to follow all the tips and be consistent.

1. Exfoliate your hands weekly

Exfoliating takes off the dead layers from your skin and leaves your hands smoother and also softer. You can do this with a simple home-made mixture of sugar and coconut oil.

2. Vaseline and socks

A simple overnight treatment using these two things will work wonders for your hands. Here’s what to do. Wash your hands with a mild handwash or bathing soap. Next rinse but don’t pat dry. Then massage an ample amount of vaseline properly into your damp hands. You can also substitute vaseline with a hand lotion if you want. Afterwards, wear an old pair of socks over your hands and go to bed. You’ll be surprised at how soft your hands will be the next morning.

3. Don’t dip your hands in water too often

If you do a lot of activities daily that involve water and especially soap, it’s a good idea to always wear waterproof gloves. This is because water can actually be drying for the skin and your hands won’t get softer if they are dry.

4. Moisturize your hands often

If you can’t avoid putting your hands in water often and wearing gloves aren’t convenient, then be sure to moisturize your hands once you’re done. This is necessary to replace lost moisture and keep your hands in great shape.

To get softer hands, you should also give yourself a manicure treatment once a month. And you don’t have to go to the salon to do it.

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