Lady breaks both legs while attempting ‘YOGA’ pose

Report has it that a lady identified as Alexa Terrazas broke her two legs after falling 80ft while attempting an extreme yoga pose.
Though the 23-year-old college student survived the fall after slipping while performing an extreme yoga pose on a balcony railing in Mexico.

Photograph of Alexa who was posing for photographs while attempting the stunt, before slipping and falling from the balcony of her sixth-floor apartment  has gone viral showing Terrazas balancing seconds before she fell.

The picture shows the brand influencer supporting her entire weight on the railing, her head pointing toward the ground 80ft below.

Alexa was rushed to a local hospital where she battled through a gruelling 11 hours of surgery.  She remains in a critical condition with fractures to all four of her limbs as well as to her hips and skull and might not walk for three years after doctors reconstructed her legs.

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