Meet The Most Powerful Bugatti Hypercar Yet: The ₦3.3 Billion Centodieci

These are the words from Bugatti President, Stephan Winkelmann, during the unveiling of the new limited-edition $9m (₦3.3 billion) Centodieci Hypercar at the Monterey’s annual auto week.

The Centodieci, which means 110 in Italian, is not only celebrating Bugatti’s 110th anniversary, but it’s also paying homage to its iconic 90s supercar, the EB110, which was built for Ettore Bugatti’s 110th birthday in 1991.

Unlike Bugatti’s one-off $18.7 million La Voiture Noire, which was built for grand touring, the new Centodieci was built for speed.

It features the infamous Bugatti’s 8.0-liter W16 engine can move the Hypercar from zero to 62 mph in just 2.4 seconds and 124 mph in 6.1 seconds and to 186 mph in 13.1 seconds. Like the Chiron, Bugatti electronically limited the top speed of the car to 236 mph.

Bugatti plans to build just 10 Centodieci Hypercars, which will cost roughly $10 million after taxes. It is currently on display at the Monterey Car week along side the one-off $18.7 million La Voiture Noire. The Voiture Noire or Black Car, which already has a buyer, won’t be ready for at least 2½ years.

Last year’s Monterey car week saw the  unveiling of the Bugatti Divo that was designed for corners instead of speed. Just 40 of the sold-out $6 million Hypercar will be made.

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Researchers Find Jogging May Be the Best Workout to Avoid Weight Gain

Doctors frequently encourage patients to exercise more and eat less in order to keep their waist trim.

Now, researchers in China have identified the five types of exercise that are most effective at helping people who are predisposed to obesity stave off that weight gain.

According to the study, which was published in the journal PLOS Genetics, regular jogging is the best type of exercise for managing obesity and avoiding weight gain.

Four other exercises also ranked at the top. These include mountain climbing, walking (including power walking), certain types of dance, and long yoga practices.

The researchers reached these conclusions after asking 18,424 Han Chinese adults, ages 30 to 70, to record their exercise routines. They then compared their exercise logs to the individuals’ genetics.

While it’s possible that these findings won’t translate across other racial and ethnic groups, the study spotlights how staying active can help stave off obesity.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Trusted Source reports that almost 40 percent of American adults are obese, and a total of 72 percent are overweight or obese. This type of research may go a long way in encouraging movement and activity that can be rewarding.

What the study found

Unlike previous exercise-related weight-loss studies, these researchers used five different measures for obesity, including body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, and waist-to-hip-ratio to determine which exercises are the most effective at managing and preventing weight gain. The majority of earlier research looked solely at BMI, which is a measure for obesity that’s falling out of favor with many healthcare providers.

The four exercises that proved to be the least effective for weight loss? Cycling, stretching, swimming, and Dance Dance Revolution, the cult classic video game that encourages people to move to choreographed steps.

Previous research Trusted Source has shown that frequent physical activity can have beneficial effects on weight, including risks for weight-related conditions like cardiovascular disease, for people of all body sizes. What’s more, the research suggests inactivity, even for people within normal weight ranges, can have negative health consequences.

What’s so great about jogging?

“Jogging keeps the heart rate in a low-end heart rate zone, which is considered the ‘fat burning’ zone,” said Bianca Beldini, a doctor of physical therapy and USA Triathlon Certified Level 1 coach. “This means that the body uses fat for its primary fuel source to maintain the heart rate at this zone.”

Beldini continued, “As one increases their rate of exertion, increases resistance or speed, they move into higher heart rate zones, which utilize glycogen or sugar for fuel. I often tell patients that low zone work is like ‘burning the midnight oil,’ so one can go long periods of time at a low intensity because they use their fat stores for energy.”

A person with obesity “has a much higher fat to muscle ratio, therefore making it easier to utilize this for fuel,” Beldini explained.

The other exercises highlighted by the researchers “require large amounts of effort to maintain a paced workout. The athleticism needed is far greater than the alternatives,” said Eric P. Fleishman, a personal trainer and host of “Celebrity Sweat” on Amazon Prime.

Beldini added, “What is good about these other exercises is the higher caloric expenditure, which means that they will burn more calories to do them because they are harder to perform. The more calories burned, the faster the weight comes off.”

The exercises that weren’t found to be as effective seem to have something in common, too, Fleishman says: They don’t require you to use your body mass for exercise. That, Beldini says, may explain the lack of results.

In cycling, “The body is a bit unweighted because you are sitting, in comparison to jogging, and it doesn’t require as much total body energy as jogging does,” she said. “Thus not putting the same amount of strain on the cardiovascular and biomechanical system.”

She added, “Stretching is a passive activity which is great for myofascial pliability but does not raise the heart rate enough to improve fat metabolism.”

Dance Dance Revolution “is a great activity to fluctuate between low and high heart rate zones so they are quite possibly getting an aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. However, this fluctuation isn’t typically sustainable for longer periods of time.”

How to become a jogger

For the novice jogger or people who are unsure how or where to begin, the key is to start slow, says Robert Herbst, a personal trainer, weight loss and wellness expert, and powerlifter.

“If people want to start jogging, they should build up to it gradually, starting with walking,” he said. “They should also start doing some resistance training to build their leg muscles.”

Beldini says a combination of jogging and walking, at a pace that’s comfortable for you, may help you ease into it. “The jog/walk strategy can be tailored to the person depending on their discomfort, as well as using a heart rate monitor to ensure that the heart rate is not spiking during the jog portion,” she said.

Intervals she suggests include a 3-minute jog followed by a 30-second walk, a 4-minute jog followed by 45 seconds of walking, or a 5-minute jog with 1 minute of walking.

“Any combination is fine as long as the person performing it is staying within their respective low heart rate zones,” Beldini said.

And if jogging seems a bit too difficult or uninteresting to you? Try something else, says Franklin Antoian, a trainer and founder of “When choosing an exercise to lose weight or fight obesity, be sure to choose something that you actually like to perform. For example, even though jogging is great for weight loss, if you hate to jog, it’s not going to be beneficial for you.”

The bottom line

This new study adds to the mounting evidence that individuals, despite their genetic makeup, can combat their predisposition for weight issues. In short, your genetics are not your fortune. Exercise, especially these five highly effective forms, may be helpful in both avoiding weight gain and preventing future health complications.

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Apple, Tomatoes And Other Fruits You Won’t Believe That Can Give You Flat Tummy

Studies have shown that fruits do not only help with better and proper digestion of food, they also aid in balancing blood sugar which usually helps in burning belly fat, and weight loss.

Studies have shown that, in addition to exercise and dieting, eating different varieties of fruit is one of the best ways to get rid of belly fat as well as weight loss. This is because, fruits are rich in both nutrients and minerals that naturally, you can’t get elsewhere even from supplements.

Additionally, further studies have shown that fruits do not only help with better and proper digestion of food, they also aid in balancing blood sugar which usually helps in burning belly fat, and weight loss.

How to lose belly fat in weeks

Here are five unbelievable fruits that will help you get rid of belly fat

1. Red grapefruit

Researchers have attributed the effects of fat burning foods to a combination of phytochemicals and vitamin C in the grapefruit. Going by a printed study in the publication Metabolism, eating half a grapefruit before meals may help reduce belly fat and cholesterol levels.

Participants who partook in the six-week study saw their waist shrink by an inch after eating red grapefruit with every meal. Experts attribute the results of fat burning foods to a combination of phytochemicals and vitamin C in the grapefruit.

2. Apples

When it comes to health benefits, apples are royalty. Rich in abundant nutrients which help with your immune system, apples are a great fruit for having a flatter belly and weight loss because of its high fibre content and phytonutrients.

Studies have shown that fibre and phytonutrients help slow digestion of food thereby making you feel full for longer and they help in balancing the production of blood sugar by not spiking it unnecessarily which can lead to weight gain and other diseases such as diabetes.

3. Tomatoes

Although tomatoes are generally known for cooking, they are packed with a whole lot of vitamin c and phytonutrients that make them effective when it comes to getting rid of belly fat.

Studies have shown that vitamin C is what enables our bodies to burn fat that is already stored with exercise. And the phytonutrient carotenoid serves as an antioxidant for our body that helps with losing weight and cardiovascular health.

4. Watermelon

When you want to lose some inches of fat around your waist, low-calorie foods that fill you up, such as watermelon, can aid your weight loss efforts.

The summertime favourite is a refreshing treat that helps satisfy your sweet tooth while providing some key vitamins and antioxidants. Although research on watermelon’s direct effects on losing belly fat is not very popular, it still doesn’t change the fact that the fruit makes a healthy addition to a weight loss plan.

5. Pineapple

Studies have shown that pineapple, which is a nutrient-rich fruit containing vitamin C, manganese, thiamine, copper, fibre and vitamin B-6, can flatten your tummy, prevent stomach distention and help your body burn a few extra calories.

Additionally, the fruit contains one very important enzyme: bromelain, which is found in the stem and within the juice of a pineapple. This enzyme metabolizes protein, contributing to some health benefits, including a flatter abdomen.

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Couples Make Amazing Wedding Cake For Amount That Would Surprise You

Weddings are unbelievably high-priced affairs, with such a lot to get hold of, from the dress to the venue and also the flowers.
But there are simple ways to cut the costs on your big day.
And one thing you can still do really well, even on a budget, is the cake.

While many folks splash out many pounds on decadent cakes, one family have well-tried that it’s potential to possess one thing stunning while not breaking the bank.

An American young woman identified as Jessica, took to Instagram to share a photograph of her brother, Jeremy’s, wedding cake, which they managed to create for less than £40.

On her social media account, cottagefarm house, Jessica made it known that Jeremy and his wife Gosia were originally going to make cupcakes for their wedding, but inspiration struck days before.

Instead of obtaining baking, they purchased 2 sheet cakes from Costco with cheese filling for $18.99 each. Then with the assistance of a relative, the cakes were “cut into bed squares, stacked and re-iced with buttercream icing”

They then decorated the four-tier cake with real flowers which they claim to have purchased for about $10. The whole thing was displayed on a rustic looking cake stand at the reception.

All of this price $47.98 in total, which in pounds is less than £40 at just £38.75. What a bargain! And you may replicate it yourself with supermarket-bought cakes, icing and flowers. The picture of the cake finished up being Jessica’s most-liked picture on Instagram, with thousands praising the genius idea.

In a reaction, one person commented: “This is virtually the simplest plan I’ve ever detected and it’s approach higher than such a large amount of skilled ones that I’ve seen.” A wedding planner added that if they’d had a similar cake made by a professional it would have cost “at least $500”.

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Fruits And Vegetables, Meats And 6 Other Sperm Killing Foods Men Should Stop Eating

If you and your wife are trying to have a child, then it would be great to stay away from these 8-sperm killing foods to give higher chances to conceiving your baby.

Men, you have to avoid these foods if you and your partner are planning to have your baby soon!

1. Sweets and soft beverages

Excess sugar can not only make you gain weight and give you heart problems, but it can also diminish your sperm count and sperm quality. Which is why it’s important to restrain your sugar intake.

2. Processed meat

Taking processed meat like bacon, hotdogs, and ham have a lot of chemicals that can harm your sperm quality. Some concocted meats also carry more hormones than normal meat, and can thus alter your testosterone levels.

3. Bottled goods

Containers are lined with BPA, a compound that can have consequences related to estrogen, and thus can reduce your sperm count and quality.

4. Organ meats
Gland meats like liver, intestines, etc. might taste good, but they’re dangerous for your sperm because they are rich in cadmium, a mineral that harms your sperm count.

5. Alcohol
A large quantity of liquor can raise the estrogen in your body and thus reduce your sperm count. Alcoholic drinks also affect your liver, so it’s best to stay off them.

6. Soybean products
Soybean might be very healthy and tasty, but if you’re trying to have your baby, it might be a good idea to stop eating lots of soy and soy-based foods since eating high volumes of soy can imitate the consequences of estrogen in your body, driving to a lower sperm count.

7. Full fat milk and dairy

Pesticides and compounds from the environment can seldom get eaten by cows, which connect to the fat in a cow’s body and also fits into the milk. These chemicals can create sperm problems such as having low quality sperm.

So it would be better to ease up on your daily intake if you’re trying to conceive.

8. Fruits and vegetables with pesticides and preservatives

Pesticides and preservatives may seem good but when it comes to keeping vegetables fresh and free from insects, but these can have unfavourable consequences on your body.

Some pesticides have been known to cause infertility in men, so it’s best to eat natural vegetables and fruits so that you can be certain that the food you’re consuming is free from any toxic chemicals.

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NAFDAC Reassures Public That Eva Water Is Safe, Commends NBC

Following the recent ban place on Eva Water the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has released a formal report to address the general public on the true situation surrounding the ban place on Eva Water produced and bottled by the Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC).

It was gathered that there have been a discovery of a default in two lots of Eva bottled water (75cl pack size) produced between 22nd and 23rd May 2019 at the NBC ultra modern factory at Asejire in Ibadan. The company immediately initiated a recall of the affected lots and voluntarily notified NAFDAC as is expected of every responsible quality-driven organization with high priority for Food Safety and safety of its consumers.

After thorough investigation of the company’s processes supported with detailed laboratory analysis of the water and all other products produced at the factory, NAFDAC is satisfied that adequate corrective and preventive actions are in place to guarantee the quality and safety of Eva water and indeed all Coca Cola products that are registered by NAFDAC.

It is important to highlight that there is no cause for alarm, as the laboratory reports did not indicate any health threat; the recall was purely precautionary and it is standard food safety practice all over the world. A recall is initiated when there is strong reason to believe that a potentially contaminated food has reached the marketplace whether confirmed or not.

It is reassuring to note that the Nigerian Bottling Company demonstrated a high sense of responsibility in voluntarily reporting the problem and in the recall process. NAFDAC urges all companies and stakeholders to think of the customers’ safety first just like what NBC has done in this case.


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Foods That Were Told To Avoid But Are Now Good

There are certain  foods once said to be unhealthy but now certified healthy or foods once said to bad for you but are now good. This foods one way or the other boost your physiology and metabolism. Having the right nutrient to keep you going. These food are very healthy.


Eggs are incredible! Consuming an egg a day by healthy individuals does not increase any risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). However, studies have shown that people with diabetes as well as patients with existing hypercholesterolemia should limit their intake of whole eggs to just 2 per week. Whole eggs are very rich in nutrients, including choline, which decreases the risk for the development of cardiovascular disease.

Adequate intake of choline can help in decreasing the level of blood homocysteine.It is worth mentioning that hyperhomocysteinemia is an independent risk factor for the development of CVD. Furthermore, high level of homocysteine has been linked to the increased risk of depression, dementia and other neurological disorders. Do you know that starting your day with an egg-containing breakfast can help in the prevention and management of obesity? This is because eggs have a high satiety index, which causes a delay in the consumption of the subsequent meal.


BUTTER is natural! There is no doubt that butter is healthier than margarines that contain high levels of trans fatty acids. Do you know that trans fatty acids are worse than saturated fatty acids in terms of increasing the risk of chronic diseases?

Trans fatty acids increase the level of all bad lipid in our body, including bad cholesterol (LDL-cholesterol), lipoprotein A (Lpa), which behaves just like LDL-cholesterol as well as triglycerides. Unfortunately, trans fatty acids decrease the concentration of the good cholesterol (HDL-cholesterol in our body). Trans fatty acids can even worsen the signs and symptoms of autism and ADHD, because they interfere with the production of EPA and DHA, which are needed for normal brain functioning.


POOR potatoes! People think that eating potatoes can make you obese. That’s not true. Potatoes (NOT chips or French fries) have a very high satiety index.

Do you know that potato salad has twice less calories than the consumption of only potatoes? Well, usually we consume our potatoes when they are hot. In that state, the whole energy from the potato salad is available for use. However, when you cook and cool your potatoes and later make salad out of them, the energy availability becomes less. This is because cooling the potatoes makes the starch difficult for enzymes to digest. 1 g of hot potatoes will give 4 kcal, but 1 g of cooled potatoes will provide you with only 1.5 kcal. Isn’t that amazing?


DAIRY products! According to The incorporation of low-fat dairy products into our diet will help in the prevention chronic diseases, including obesity, hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes mellitus and cancer. This is because dairy products are very rich in animal bioactive substances that prevent chronic diseases.


Daily consumption of NUTS is important in decreasing the risk of chronic diseases, because they are high in dietary fibre, saturated fatty acids and have a high satiety index.

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Benefits Of Starting Your Day With Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning has been a popular trend for the past couple of years. It’s been touted as rejuvenating your skin, boosting metabolism, fighting off viruses, and more, But is it absolutely, incredibly, fantastically beneficial and life changing?

When you first wake up, pour a glass of filtered, room temperature water. Water that is too hot or ice-cold requires more energy for your body to process, so it’s best to slowly wake up your body with warm water. Squeeze juice from a lemon into your water. (If you are under 150 pounds, use half a lemon. If you are over 150 pounds, use a whole one.) Drink it fairly quickly, and wait at least a half hour before eating to reap the most benefits.

What are the benefits?

1. Rejuvenates Your Skin: Lemons have loads of vitamin C, which assists in the production of collagen, helps in the prevention of wrinkles, and defends your skin against free radical damage. Water also helps carry nutrients to your cells, so staying properly hydrated is important!

2. Boosts Energy & Alertness: The potassium in lemon helps with brain and nerve function, which can increase your alertness. Plus, according to Natural Health Magazine, scientists found that just a whiff of lemon can boost your feel good hormones and reduce stress levels. Drinking water also helps in this arena, as dehydration can drain your body’s energy and make you feel sluggish.

3. Hydrates Your Body: When your body is dehydrated, it holds on to fat cells, and dehydration can also make make you feel hungry. Staying hydrated is crucial for your overall body health, so starting your day with a glass of water is a no-brainer. Plus, the lemon gives it a flavor boost.

4. Helps Your Immune System: The ascorbic acid (vitamin C) found in lemons is necessary for healing wounds. Lemon water is also touted as helping break up phlegm during a cold and soothing sore throats. Drinking water during illness is crucial, as your body’s defenses are working overtime to fight off sickness. Consuming lemon in order to tackle and prevent illnesses like the common cold hasn’t been proven, however, unless you live in severe climates

5. Eliminates Toxins: The liver responds to fresh lemon juice more than any other food source because it amps up its enzyme production, according to Dr. Alexander F. Beddoe. This boosts the liver’s efficiency in secreting bile for digestion and releasing toxins. Lemon juice is known as being a diuretic, which means it helps your kidneys eliminate water and some toxins by increasing the frequency of urination. This could potentially help people who suffer from UTI’s.

6. Could Aid In Weight loss: In addition to helping regulate your metabolism, lemons also contain pectin fiber. This fiber makes you feel full, and therefore can help stave off hunger and prevent cravings. Drinking plenty of water also contributes to this full feeling. By combining two natural ingredients, lemon and water, you’re already starting your day on a healthy note — and this can lead to better eating habits throughout the day.

7. Improves Digestion: The acidity of lemons stimulates your digestive system and liver. This can help regulate your metabolism and bowel movements, thus helping your body absorb nutrients — and potentially leading to weight loss.

What Are The Side Effects?

Citrus erodes enamel.

* Brush your teeth before your lemony beverage, or wait an hour. Acid softens enamel, so brushing too soon after consuming acidic foods and drink can aid in erosion.

* Rinse your mouth out with purified water after you drink the lemon water.

* Drink through a straw and be sure not to swish the lemon water around in your mouth.

* Drink the lemon water within a few minutes, rather than sipping on it all morning.

Too much acidity can cause heartburn. If you’re prone to heartburn, a dose of zingy citrus in the morning may not be your best route. Discuss it with your doctor.

So Is It Worth It?

According to Healthplus; Water and lemon are easily accessible and cheap, and that has contributed to its popularity. Besides helping you stay hydrated, lemon water’s star component is vitamin C, which can also be found in high amounts in other fruits and vegetables, like citrus fruits, green vegetables, and peppers. So while lemon water may not be a miracle worker, it can certainly help you lead a healthy, energized lifestyle. For those of you that use lemon water regularly, let us know if it’s worked for you!

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10 Benefits of drinking water

Our bodies are around 60% water, give or take. It is commonly recommended to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day (the 8×8 rule). Although there is little science behind this specific rule, staying hydrated is important.

  1. Increase energy and relieves fatigue: since your brain is moistly water, it helps you think focus and concentrate better and be more alert, your energy levels are also boosted.
  2. Promotes weight loss: Remember by-products of fat, reduces eating intake, reduces higher, raise your metabolism and has zero calories.
  3. Flushes out toxins: it gets rid if waste through sweat and urinating. This reduces the risk of kidney stones and UT’s (Urinary Tract Infection).
  4. Improves skin complexion: moisturizes your skin, keeps it fresh, soft glowing and smooth. It gets rid of wrinkles. It is the best anti-aging treatment around.
  5. Maintains regularity: Drinking water aids in digestion as water is essential to digest your food and prevents constipation.
  6. Boost immune system: A water guzzler is less likely to get sick. And who wouldn’t rather feel healthy the majority of the time? Drinking water helps to fight against flu, cancer and other ailments like heart attack.
  7. Natural headache remedy: Helps relieve and prevent headache which is commonly caused by dehydration.
  8. Prevent crumps and sprain: Proper hydration helps keep joint lubricated and muscle more elastic, so joint pain is less likely.
  9. Puts you in a good mood: When the body is functioning at its best, you will feel great and be happy.
  10. Save money: Water is free if you choose bottled/filtered water, it still cheaper than that high sugar and fat-filled lathe.

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Benefits Of Rice Water To Our Skin And Hair

You’d be wowed to find out that some of the consumable household products comes along with vital and unbelievable benefits.

Example for such products are Rice water. A lot of us consumes this products without knowing that the by-product could be of great value to us.
Rice water, for example, is one of nature’s beauty secrets. Most persons usually throws away the water after the rice is done, but what we should really do is keep it and use it for our skin.
According to Femina,  Rice water is rich in vitamins and minerals which are great for the skin and hair. Read this article to learn how to prepare the rice water and see some of its beauty benefits.

1. Rice water preparation: Boil some organic rice in water and pour the excess water in a glass jar once done. Cover it and put it in the fridge to cool it down. When cold, you can use the rice water on your hair and skin.
2. Rice water improves the quality of hair: Shampoo your hair usually, then rub some rice water on your hair. Leave it to work for a couple of minutes then wash it away. This way, your hair will be smoother and shinier thanks to the proteins that will fill the cracks.
3. Rice water improves the skin: Wash your face clean with lukewarm water. Take a cotton pad and dip it in some rice water, then apply it all over your face. This will tighten your pores and bring a glow to your face. Rice water acts as a lotion and has uv-absorbing properties. Our skin tends to form a layer of copper on it, but rice water binds this formation and prevents hyper-pigmentation and age spots.

4. Treats skin irritation and inflammation: Prepare some rice water and take a bath in it for at least 15 minutes every day. This remedy will cure rashes and prevent inflammation on the skin.
5. An excellent acne healer: Soak a cotton pad in rice water and apply it on the affected area. This will treat the acne and reduce the inflammation.
6. Treats eczema: Apply some rice water on the area affected by eczema. Repeat the treatment until you see the results. Rice water’s starch contents are highly effective against eczema.

7. Cures diarrhea: Pour some rice water in a glass and add a pinch of salt. Drink this solution to cure diarrhea quickly and easily.
8. Starching of white clothes: Soak your white clothes in some diluted rice water. Leave them for a couple of minutes then wash them usually.
As you can see, rice water has amazing health benefits. It is rich in 8 essential amino acids that can help muscles regenerate and the carbohydrates content will give you a boost in energy. When you cook rice the next time, you will think twice before throwing the rice water away.

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Check Out These Super Classy Asoebi Styles

You know when you see a good thing, you have to show recognition and give it its due place of honor, right? This is what we are doing today with the latest lace asoebi styles.

Asoebi is a uniform dress that is traditionally worn in Nigeria and some West African cultures as an indicator of cooperation and solidarity during ceremonies and festive periods. There are styles and then there ARE STYLES. If you are wearing asoebi that did not make at least one head turn, then your style is neither trendy not fashionable. The aim of putting together a great design is to have you and others appreciate it.

Actually, lace is one of those clothing fabrics that never gets old. That is why, year after year, we watch new collections featuring lace, and most times, every style in these collections immediately becomes popular among Nigerian women. There are styles and then there ARE STYLES. If you are wearing asoebi that did not make at least one head turn, then your style is neither trendy not fashionable. The aim of putting together a great design is to have you and others appreciate it.

This past weekend saw the birth of some unique pieces that we couldn’t wait to show you. We love to bring you the most fab latest asoebi styles, every week. How else do we keep you in the loop, if not to ensure that you are served the latest and the best of owambe looks? There are aso ebi styles and there are aso ebi styles and these ones in this post certainly take the cake.

When these ladies stepped out, I am very certain they were complimented on their outfits and asked for their tailors’ numbers as well, they wouldn’t have made the cut if theirs weren’t great asoebi styles.

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