Fearing data privacy issues, Google cuts some Android phone data for wireless carriers

Alphabet Inc’s Google has shut down a service it provided to wireless carriers globally that showed them weak spots in their network coverage, people familiar with the matter told Reuters, because of Google’s concerns that sharing data from users of its Android phone system might attract the scrutiny of users and regulators.

The withdrawal of the service, which has not been previously reported, has disappointed wireless carriers that used the data as part of their decision-making process on where to extend or upgrade their coverage. Even though the data were anonymous and the sharing of it has become commonplace, Google’s move illustrates how concerned the company has become about drawing attention amid a heightened focus in much of the world on data privacy.

Google’s Mobile Network Insights service, which had launched in March 2017, was essentially a map showing carriers signal strengths and connection speeds they were delivering in each area.

The service was provided free to carriers and vendors that helped them manage operations. The data came from devices running Google’s Android operating system, which is on about 75% of the world’s smartphones, making it a valuable resource for the industry.

It used data only from users who had opted into sharing location history and usage and diagnostics with Google. The data were aggregated, meaning they did not explicitly link any information to any individual phone user. It included data relating to a carrier’s own service and that of competitors, which were not identified by name.

Nevertheless, Google shut down the service in April due to concerns about data privacy, four people with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters. Some of them said secondary reasons likely included challenges ensuring data quality and connectivity upgrades among carriers being slow to materialize.

Google spokeswoman Victoria Keough confirmed the move but declined to elaborate, saying only that changing “product priorities” were behind it. Google’s notice to carriers when it shut down the service did not specify a reason.

“We worked on a program to help mobile partners improve their networks through aggregated and anonymized performance metrics,” Keough said. “We remain committed to improving network performance across our apps and services for users.”


The loss of Google’s service is the latest example of an internet company opting to end a data-sharing service rather than risk a breach or further scrutiny from lawmakers.The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, introduced last year, prohibits companies sharing user data with third parties without users’ explicit consent or a legitimate business reason.

U.S. and European lawmakers have stepped up their focus on how tech companies treat user data after a series of large-scale data security failures and the revelation that Facebook Inc improperly shared data on 87 million of its users with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

In April, Google shut down its Video Checkup service from its YouTube operation, which it launched in mid-2017 to let customers in Malaysia compare their provider’s streaming capability in a specific spot with other carriers. YouTube spokeswoman Mariana De Felice cited “relatively low user engagement” with Video Checkup for its retirement, which has not been previously reported.

Facebook has begun reviewing data deals with app developers and the four big U.S. wireless carriers recently stopped selling data on customers’ real-time locations to marketers and other firms.


Internet companies now walk a tightrope in trying to generate revenue or improve their services by supplying user data to other companies because they risk compromising – or appearing to compromise – data privacy. And companies including Google and Facebook have curtailed access to data by outside companies over the past two years.

Google’s Mobile Network Insights service was not the only source of detailed customer data used by carriers to determine where cell tower upgrades are needed, but it was useful because of the sheer volume of Android phones in the market.

It was an “independent reference from the horse’s mouth, so you couldn’t get any better than this,” said Mushil Mustafa, a former employee at Dubai-based carrier du. “But the carriers have investment in other tools, obviously.”

Facebook offers a similar service, called Actionable Insights. Facebook appears committed to continuing the service but declined to comment when asked.

Data-sharing arrangements between tech companies became common over the past decade as the use of smartphones and apps exploded, but what data is collected and how it is shared is not always clear to users.

Companies often are not explicit about their data sharing. Google’s data policy that Android users agree to states that it may collect and share network connection quality information. Wireless carriers had not been specifically mentioned as recipients.

As users demand greater transparency, what constitutes a violation of consumer trust is not clear.

Facebook’s Actionable Insights service for carriers also includes information about users’ gender, age and other characteristics collected from its apps, which helps carriers spot demographic trends to target their marketing, but it does not tie data to specific individuals.

“We have publicly announced this program and carefully designed it to protect people’s privacy,” said Facebook spokesman Joe Osborne, in a statement.

Google said it shared neither aggregated nor individualized data on user demographics and app usage. The company rejected requests to give equipment vendors any data, it said.

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Cool things you can do with HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019 camera

If you own a HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019, then you most likely love your phone. Of course there’s plenty of things you’ll be fascinated with from the HUAWEI Ultra Fullview display to the auto pop-up selfie camera, but that’s not all. In fact, here’s a list of 4 other cool things you can do with the HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019 camera.
A cool auto pop up camera:

The 16MP auto pop-up camera is the reason behind this massive viewing experience. It is invisible to the eye and hides within the body. Activate it and it shows out of the top edge of the phone within one second and retracts when you do not want to take any more selfies.

And for those fans of diverse photographic effects, this phone comes with 3D Portrait Lighting so you get studio quality portraits and selfies wherever and whenever you want.

A versatile camera to meet all your needs

Nobody likes their pictures blurry and unclear, true? On the back of the HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019, there are three cameras: 16MP + 8MP + 2MP. The 16MP + 8MP work together to let you capture images that are clear with top quality and high contrast. Even at night and in low-light scenarios you are still able to snap vivid and colorful pictures because the 16MP lens with F/1.8 lets extra light into the sensor. And if you want your pictures to look authentic like the world around you, the 2MP camera works in tandem with the 16MP to provide you with pictures that have a lifelike depth of field.

Let the camera decide what you’re capturing

Whether you were walking through vast meadows or wading through the beach, a picture is worth it. HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019’s front 16MP auto pop-up camera is supported by artificial intelligence for instant and accurate scene and object recognition. It can identify blue skies, greenery, indoor scenes, and beautiful landscapes, and adjust the parameters to optimize the natural lighting conditions. A total of eight scenarios are supported by the AI feature.

Nighttime or daytime! The camera never stops

You are touring downtown with friends and came across a scene worthy of a picture, but it is nighttime and no enough lighting? No worries. HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019 uses AI image stabilization algorithms to support handheld long exposure shots for a maximum of six seconds at nighttime. This improves the dynamic range and makes vivid, colorful photography possible.

Make Every Second Count

Some moments in life take our breath away and must be savored slowly. The HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019’s super slow-motion feature records videos at 480 frames per second, then plays them back at 1/16th of the normal speed (for example, extending a 0.5s clip to 8 seconds). Relive your moments over and over again!

HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019 comes in three colors – Midnight Black, Sapphire blue and Emerald Green.

The phone is available at SLOT, Pointek, 3CHUB and Jumia.

Buy Now: http://bit.ly/2XTcNu2

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Win a brand new Phantom 9 Today

The popular and well-known @djconsequence described the Phantom 9 as a device that never runs out of storage. Others like the famous entrepreneurs @gossyomega and @dartistebyawele have also shared their experiences with the device.

According to Gossy Ukanwoke, “The Phantom 9 is fast. It helps my productivity and the battery life is excellent”

The Phantom 9 is a new smartphone that is currently making waves in Nigeria. It is a smartphone designed for all kinds of business minded individuals to boost their productivity and efficiency.

As a traveler, food blogger, makeup artist, photographer, or entrepreneur, the TECNO Phantom 9 is equipped with lots of amazing features that will make your work seamless.


Top celebrities like VJ Adams, artists like Adam Zango and others are also having a great experience with this device.

So here is an opportunity for you to join the celebrities and have a #Phantom9experience

How to join the Phantom9Experience?

Here’s what you have to do to:

  1. Create a less than one-minute video or image of your #Phantom9Experience showing how any one of the specs of the phantom 9 can aid your productivity.

  2. This should be posted on each of the entrepreneurship categories shared on TECNO Social Media pages (eg Food Photographer, Music or entertainment, Instagram Seller or Business Man/Woman)

  3. On Facebook, Post as a comment under the activity post using the hashtag #MyPhantom9Style

  4. On Instagram and Twitter, Post on your page using the hashtag #MyPhantom9Style and #Phantom9Experience.

You can also Participate on TECNO Forum (TSPOT), Simply post your entry on the activity thread stuck on the front page

The best entry video/image with the highest number of Replies, likes or retweets on each category will smiled home with a brand new Phantom 9

This Activity will run from 1st August – 28th August 2019

So what are you waiting for? Join the Phantom 9 Experience and share what you love about the new device and stand a chance to win the Phantom 9 smartphone.

For more information, visit TECNOSpot for Terms and Conditions and follow TECNOMobileNigeria on Facebook, @TECNOMobileNg on Twitter and Instagram.

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Tecno Phantom 9 Review

With the emergence of the Phantom 9 as a mid-range device, it seems the Phantom product line is now designed to position Tecno Mobile as the mid-tier brand in Transsion Holding’s portfolio. Tecno Phantom 9 is a mid-range phone that has a few pleasant surprises.

It’s a device that showcases the latest raves in mobile design– a notched, almost bezel-less display, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and a bunch of other features. I’ve had this phone for a week now, using it daily for this review, and I can say that it strikes a fair balance between features and price like a good mid-tier phone would. However, there are some unexpected trade-offs.


These are the items found in the box apart from the phone:

  • a USB cable
  • a wall adapter
  • a pair of earphones
  • a matte TPU cover
  • a SIM ejector tool
  • documentations

Display and Design

Taking the phone out of the box, the first thing that strikes you is the beautiful back cover. The unit I got comes in a color Tecno calls Lapland Aurora. It’s a shiny gradient of blue and purple with diagonal lines running through. It’s so beautiful I felt bad covering it up with the matte cover I found in the package. It’s the kind of back cover you want to show off if you can take the risk of using a naked phone. However, it’s a polycarbonate material that’s more likely to scratch than shatter. The back cover is not removable, and I don’t think it’s a feature you find on mid-range or high-end devices these days.

There’s an array of three cameras at the back arranged vertically with a quad-LED flash just below them.

At the front, you see the centrally placed 32MP front camera that’s one of the highlight features of this device. On each side of the front camera are two carefully concealed LED flashlights for taking selfies in the dark. I’m probably the lone voice saying this, but I’ve never been a fan of front LEDs on smartphones. The truth is, there are millions of people who appreciate this. The fact that it’s neatly concealed gives me satisfaction though. You won’t even know it’s there until you use it.

The screen is a 6.4-inch FHD+ AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080×2340. For those in the know, an AMOLED display is always preferred over an LCD screen. It’s generally believed to be better in all aspects. The notch at the top is pretty small, but there’s still a section in the settings that lets you hide it.

The brightness can get really low to protect your eyes when reading and it gets really bright when needed.  As with every phone I use, I always look for any form of blue light filter available. It’s called Eye Care on Tecno Phantom 9 and a slider lets you adjust the intensity.

There’s a tiny chin at the bottom I don’t consider an issue. On the right side are the volume rocker and the power button. The right side has the SIM tray which can hold two nano-SIM cards and an SD card, all at once. I’ve always hated hybrid slots that lets you choose between using a second SIM or an SD card. I’m glad the Phantom 9 doesn’t come with this.

The tiny hole at the top is the noise-canceling microphone. At the bottom are the mono speaker, audio port, micro-USB port, and microphone opening.

The design is what you expect a 2019 phone to be except for the lack of a USB Type-C port and the absence of stereo speakers. However, this is a reminder that it’s a mid-range device.


Tecno Phantom 9 has three cameras at the back, each doing a different job. There’s a 16MP primary shooter with f/1.8 aperture that does most of the job. There’s another 8MP camera that’s responsible for wide-angle shots. The third camera is a 2MP shooter that does depth sensing. This is what makes photos with bokeh (blurred background) possible.

The rear camera setup has a quad-LED flash that makes a lot of difference in extreme low light conditions. As expected, the rear camera shoots 1080p videos at 30fps max. I took it outdoors and took a few shots. I wasn’t expecting a stellar performance, but the result was quite surprising. The brightness, saturation and color balancing were really good.

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How Nokia Phones Keep Getting Better With Time.

Mobile phones which only functioned as a means of placing calls conveniently have now grown to become a big part of the daily life of users.

Mobile phones have now evolved to become smart, as we now call them ‘smartphones’. Today, about 2.71bn people own a smartphone globally. The smartphone ownership paradigm is, however, shifting from the latest specs and hardware to actual device experience over time. More users long for devices with OS upgrades, ensuring they benefit from all the latest software features, ensuring their phone experience will keep getting better over time.

Choosing a smartphone that can stand its ground in the face of increasing cybersecurity threats is important too. Surprisingly, more than half of Android devices are running a version of Android older than two years, meaning they face potential vulnerabilities through lack of updates.

Nokia phones have evolved over time and now provide the best and most secure Android experience to fans, with the promise to deliver the latest version of Android and 3 years of monthly security updates for each and every smartphone, making sure you can enjoy your device with complete peace of mind.

Here are three ways your Nokia Smartphone keeps on getting better with time:

1) Pure Android and Regular Software Updates Story

All Nokia smartphones come out of the box with a pure version of Android that delivers the best experience possible; bringing you Android, just as google designed it to be. They also provide you with two years of Android platform upgrades. All Nokia smartphones from the Nokia 3 can be updated with the latest Android 9 Pie.

2) AI Innovation Story

Your phone should adapt to you, and Nokia smartphones learn more and last longer. With software that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and features.  Adaptive Battery learns how you use your device and prioritizes battery power for apps and services you care about, minimizing battery consumption. Adaptive Brightness also actively learns how you set brightness and automatically adjusts for power efficiency, saving battery life and a whole lot of fiddling.

3) The Google Assistant and the Google Assistant Button Story

The Google Assistant is always ready to help. The more you use it, the more useful it gets. From planning your day to directions home, there is also a dedicated Google Assistant Button to make it even easier to access on the go – all using just your voice.

The newly released Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 4.2 come with a dedicated Google assistant button, so whether at home or on-the-go, the dedicated Google Assistant Button helps get things done, just a press away.

Over the past two years Nokia phones have received over 300 security updates, and with almost the entire portfolio now running the latest Android 9 Pie. Ensuring the experience keeps getting better with time.

How much are you enjoying your Nokia smartphones?

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Infinix Smart 3 Plus, the new benchmark for top quality smartphone [See specs]

It is a known fact that a smartphone is as good as its features and the extent of its overall functionality stems from questions consumers ask such as “How fast is its speed of connectivity, how clear are pictures taken with the camera, how sleek is its design, how strong is the battery etc”.

Such questions engulf the mind of tech consumers when presented with the option of purchasing a new smartphone.
It is very evident that the smartphone ecosystem is not what it used to be, as the market has become immensely competitive.

However, whilst most smartphones currently in circulation might come across as having the best delivery features on paper but poor execution during the user experience phase, one smartphone that transcends just being another phone is the recently released device from Infinix Mobility called Smart 3 Plus.

Be transformed to be Smarter with the Power of Infinix Smart 3 Plus

The Smart series which is an entry level smartphone brand from Infinix emanated in 2017 with a device called Smart X5010 that shook the field of smartphone creation due to its spectacular features and surprisingly affordable price.

The Infinix Smart 3 Plus represents more than just another smartphone. It is embedded with features to fortify the user with a level of smartness needed to be successful and live the smart lifestyle.

The thirst to be smarter can only be derived from a person’s accessibility to information. Waiting for a long time for an online page to load can be rather frustrating, hence the initiative by Infinix to integrate the dual sim 4G LTE connectivity into the Smart 3 Plus device.

Other specifications on the 6.2 include: 6.21-inch HD+ screen size, Waterdrop display screen, 3500mAh battery, Android™ 9 Pie based on XOS 5.0, 16GB+2GB/32GB+2GB/32GB+3GB, MTK6761 processor, Face ID and fingerprint sensor for improved security.

In the camera sect, there is an 8MP lowlight selfie camera with dual LED flash and triple rear cameras. There are also camera sub features and effects such as bokeh effect, portrait mode and so much more for variations that portray high quality imagery.

In summation, The Smart 3 Plus comes with features that are fit for a high-end smartphone but possess the price tag of an entry level smartphone series and particularly for this football season purchase any Infinix Smartphone to qualify for a chance to win an all expense paid trip to Egypt.

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Reasons to Upgrade to TECNO Pouvoir 3

In the wake of its release a couple of days ago, the TECNO Pouvoir 3 is making waves on the market, wooing customers and fans alike with its strong 5000-mAh battery, 6.2-inch Super FULL VIEW Display, super slim design, among other remarkable features.

On top of that, you can enjoy all these premium specs at affordable rates. If you are still vacillating on whether this smartphone is the right one for you, here are top 10 reasons to upgrade to the new TECNO Pouvoir 3

5000mAh Battery

One of the major highlights of the Pouvoir 3 is its huge 5000-mAh battery capacity, which you can bank on to handle all your mobile needs for as long as possible — including making and receiving calls, taking photos, playing games, surfing the Internet, and lots more! The battery is long lasting and promises 4 days of uninterrupted smartphone performance, as much as 43 hours of instant calling, and as much as 22 hours of video playback.

6.2-inch Super FULL VIEW Display

The TECNO Pouvoir 3 dazzles us with its remarkable 6.2″ Super FULLVIEW display. This feature ensures that you enjoy superior view, making your daily mobile phone experience spectacular.

Upgraded 13MP Front + 13MP Rear AI Camera

These cameras come with an exciting range of features, such as AI beauty mode, AI HDR, portrait bokeh, among others. The AI beauty mode Pouvoir 3 helps the shooters in recognizing and beautifying your features with the use of a well-designed algorithm as well as adjustable front flashlight. AI HDR ensures that any over-exposure image gets automatically repaired, and the feature can also highlight the exquisite lines in the faces. The end product of all these is that you get natural, vividly looking, and catchy photos.

Portrait bokeh makes sure that the spotlight is always on you while taking pictures. Real-time filter is another interesting feature of the Pouvoir 3’s camera and includes 8 different styles (Fresh, Flame, Forest, Classic, Warm, Soft, Mono, Blues) to meet your various beauty needs.

Super Slim Design

Thanks to TECNO’s advanced processing technology, this new device is designed to wow you: Its remarkable 3.8mm visual thinness will make you ogle the phone, admiring the beauty in symmetry.

Various Color Options

Variety is the spice of life, which is why the glossy back cover of the Pouvoir 3 is offered in 3 different color options: Champagne Gold, Midnight Black, and Aqua Blue.

Speedy Face Unlock

With the novel security technology, you can unlock your smartphone instantly. This device comes with faster and more secure functionality to unlock your handset.

Quick Fingerprint Scanner

Quick and secure, the integrated fingerprint sensor helps you unlock your device conveniently with a touch.

Loud FM Speaker without Earphone

Get ready to upgrade your mobile radio experience! You can now listen to your favorite radio programs and enjoy powerful loudspeaker sound without the need to plug your earphone in the jack. The Pouvoir 3 comes with support for both speaker and earphone modes.


This device offers you a remarkable array of quality features and capabilities at an affordable rate. This is one of the areas where the phone stands head and shoulder above its rivals.

Support for 4G LTE

With the new Pouvoir 3, no more slow or interrupted Internet connection. With 4G LTE, surfing the internet and downloading your favorite games, songs and movies just got a lot speedier.

The TECNO Pouvoir 3 is designed to impress you, and the smartphone brings amazing value for the money spent on its purchase.

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Easy Tricks to Restore Formatted Partition

Partitioning is necessary for a computer to save your data on it. The partition acts as a database to store, transfer and save data on the computer. With the help of partition, you can divide mass storage or memory into isolated sections. Sometimes, you lose a partition’s data.

Your operating system may not recognize a partition because of mistaken deletion, virus attack, and so on. The partition table plays an important role to make a partition accessible or recognized. You may not see a partition after a virus attack on the partition table or accidental deletion of the partition. In this situation, you have to format recovery partition to access your data.

Reliable Solution for Data Recovery

Without a tech background, you may find it complicated to recover a deleted partition. Fortunately, it will be easy for everyone to restore data with the help of Recoverit Partition Recovery software. With this professional software, it will be easy for you to recover deleted partition, lost data, logical or hard drive. Recoverit data recovery can help you in the following ways:

  • You can recover over 96% data with Recoverit data recovery.
  • Recover different types of files, such as documents, videos, and photos.
  • Restore data from an unbootable Windows system and all storage devices
  • Get essential files back from formatted devices. Recoverit can successfully restore formatted partition within just a few minutes on Mac and Windows.
  • Quickly recover data from formatted partitions, hard drives, volumes, external drives, USB and memory card.

Recover Formatted Partition with Recoverit Data Recovery

Formatting may happen without your knowledge. With Recoverit, you can deal with these disasters. Recovery should be secure and straightforward. Follow these simple steps for data recovery after formatting recovery

Choose Lost Partition Option

Launch Recoverit Data Recovery software, choose the deleted or lost disk partition from a pop-up window to start data recovery. Hit “Scan” to search your lost data.

Scan Deleted Partition

This advanced data recovery solution scan the formatted partition and starts recovering data. This process may take a few minutes. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can begin scanning once again with a different option.

Recover the Lost Partition Data

After the scan, you can see the list of recovered files. Feel free to filter your desired data and view them before hitting the “Recover” button. If you want to restore all files, you can hit the “Recover” button without previewing them.

Store Recovered Files on a New Location

After clicking the “Recover” button, select a suitable location to save your restored files. Try to choose an external drive to save this data. It is necessary to decrease the risk of overwriting a lost partition.

Identify the Reasons for Raw Partition

Sometimes, the partition of your drive becomes raw. The data will become inaccessible, and Windows might suggest you format this drive. Remember, after formatting a partition, you will lose your data files. Fortunately, you can recover a lost partition with Recoverit Data Recovery. To avoid this situation in the future, you have to identify the reasons for having a raw partition in the first place. After knowing these reasons, you can protect your data in a better way. It is an excellent way to save time and valuable data.

Bad Sectors

Bad sectors in the main area of your hard drive can affect the performance of your drive. Your drive may act abnormally and become a Raw format. If your partition needs permission, change its security settings in properties. Explore properties by right-clicking on the RAW partition. Hit on the “security” tab and delete useless users and messy codes. At the same time, you have to add a local user.

Structural Damage in File System

Drive partition may become RAW format because of damage in the file system. Any structural damage to your file system can make a partition RAW. To solve this issue, you have to access management tool and change security settings. Open “Control Panel” and choose Security and System. Hit on “Administrative tools” and search “Security Policy Local”. You have to choose “Local Policy – Security Settings” in the following screen. For local accounts, access sharing, and security model. Double click this option to change “only guest” to classic.

Table Corruption

With table corruption, the partition on a drive may have issues. It can make your data corrupt. When this happens, you need a 3rd party recovery tool. Recoverit data recovery can recover data without any data loss. It can be a reliable choice to recover folder and files from a corrupt partition.

Reinstallation of Operating System

Your carelessness while upgrading an old operating system can affect your valuable data. If your old partition follows the FAT file system, you can’t change it to NTFS. Your operating system can’t identify the new file system. It will become RAW, and you may avoid data loss with Recoverit partition recovery solution.

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Nokia 8110 Welcomes WhatsApp to the Store

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announced that WhatsApp, the simple, reliable and secure messaging app, is now available on the Nokia 8110. The app can be downloaded from the Store.

The General manager, West, East and Central Africa at HMD Global, Joseph Umunakwe said:

“Millions of people stay in touch with their loved ones through messaging apps like WhatsApp, and we wanted to bring this to fans of our retro classic, the Nokia 8110. Now, you can keep up to date on your family and friends’ groups, share messages and never miss a moment, all with the style and cool-factor of a true Nokia classic.”

With a familiar and easy to use interface, the Nokia 8110 features intuitive tactile mechanics such as sliding the cover open to pick up calls and sliding it back to end them, as well as a design that allows for an addictive helicopter-style spin on its axis. It comes with the craftsmanship you would expect from a Nokia phone, delivering durability and reliability as standard.

Powered by KaiOS, the leading mobile operating system for smart feature phones, and the only lite OS with an app store, Nokia 8110 delivers crystal-clear VoLTE calling and is perfect for anyone who wants an iconic 4G feature phone or a companion device. It also comes equipped with the Store, a home to KaiOS-powered apps, rich content, and services that enhance user experience. This includes a suite of preloaded Google applications such as the Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Search as well as popular apps like Facebook.

“We’re delighted that WhatsApp is now available on the widely popular 8110, enabling users to easily communicate with friends and family, both near and far,” said Sebastien Codeville, founder and CEO of KaiOS Technologies. “Our mission is to provide affordable digital services to everyone, and this announcement marks a big milestone towards our goal.”

With two vibrant colors to choose from, Traditional Black and Banana Yellow, the Nokia 8110 has everything you loved reloaded, including a revamped Snake game.

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Canon’s ZoeMini is a Portable Photo Printer You Can Fit in Your Pocket.

Last month Canon Nigeria unveiled a gadget that is smaller than your smartphone and can do what your smartphone can’t. It’s called the ZoeMini,  a compact and slim photo printer that produces credit card sized images that can also be used as stickers.

Specifications in detail


Print Technology


Print speed

Approximately 50 second (Motor Start & Stop, at room temperature 25°C )

Print Resolution

314dpi x 400 dpi

Borderless Printing



Bluetooth 4.0

Printer Connection

Bluetooth – using the Canon “Mini Print” app

Automatic Paper Sensor



Built-in (Rechargeable lithium polymer – 2 cell, 7.4 V , 500mAh)

Battery life

20 Sheets per Charge (approx.)

Auto-power Off

YES (None/ 3mins / 5mins / 10mins)

Charging Speed

Approximately 90 minutes


2 LED Light System

Control Panel

Power Button

Memory (Backup firmware image)


Wi-Fi® Capable


Memory Card Compatible


Supported Media Type

ZINKTM photo paper

Maximum Paper Size

2.0” x 3.0”

Paper Capacity

Up to 10 sheets of Canon ZINKTM photo paper + 1 Smartsheet

Body Color


Body Size (L x W x H)

118.31 x 82.36 x 18.7mm



Recommend Operating and Charging Temperture (℃)

15 – 32°C (59 – 90°F)

Recommend Operating Humidity (RH)

40-55% RH

Operating Temperture (℃)

5 – 40°C (41 – 104°F)

Operating Humidity (RH)



Display Type

2 LED light system

Bottom LED (Charging)

Red: Charging

Green: Charging complete

Power button LED (Status)

White: Power on

White flashing: Printing /processing / cooling

Red flashing: No paper/paper jam / open cover/low battery / other error

ZINK Photo Paper Information

ZINKTM Photo Paper

ZINK photo paper pouch (10 sheets) 2” x 3” photo paper / Peel-and-sticky back / Smudge-free / Water & tear resistant

Storage Environment

Temperature: 1 – 25°C, Humidity: 40-55% RH

Compatible Operating Systems & App

Compatible OS

iOS®: 9.0 or later

Android™: 4.4 or later

Mobile App

Canon Mini Print app

Price In Nigeria: N45,000

To use the printer, you have to download the Canon Mini Print app, which allows you to edit and print the photos via a Bluetooth connection.

Don’t You Just love Technology?

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